Clearly Drank Exposed – Why You Should Avoid This Scam Website

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As an avid online shopper always hunting for the best deals, you’ve likely come across the website advertising trendy clothes and fitness supplements at unbelievable prices.

With flashy images boasting discounts up to 90% off, it almost seems too good to resist. But before whipping out your credit card, I urge you to keep reading.

Because Clearly Drank is an outright scam that you should avoid at all costs.

I learned this the hard way after placing an order I never received and trying in vain to get a refund. And I’m not alone. Digging deeper, I discovered countless clearly drank scam victims who were duped just like me.

This investigative report aims to uncover the truth about this fraudulent website, the deceptive tricks it uses to exploit customers, and most importantly – how you can protect yourself.

Inside This Clearly Drank Scam Exposé:

  • How the Clearly Drank Scam Works
  • Red Flags Exposing This Scam
  • Clearly Drank Reviews & Complaints
  • Steps if You Already Ordered From Clearly Drank
  • How to Report Clearly Drank
  • FAQs About This Scam

By exposing the mechanisms behind this predatory scheme, I hope to prevent others from meeting the same fate through awareness and education. It’s time to shed light on the Clearly Drank scam lurking in the shadows of ecommerce.

How Does the Clearly Drank Scam Work? relies on various deceptive tactics to dupe bargain hunters into buying nonexistent or fraudulent products. Here is how this scam unravels:

1. False Advertising Across Social Media

The scammers aggressively promote through channels like:

  • Spam emails and texts with links enticing people to the site
  • Fake “limited time only” ads on Instagram and TikTok boasting up to 90% off items
  • Fraudulent promotional posts and videos on Facebook and YouTube

These techniques aim to boost search rankings and lure victims to the site.

2. Phony Low Prices to Bait Customers

Shoppers land on the slick-looking ClearlyDrank site filled with stolen stock images showing luxury goods all massively discounted. These unrealistic markdowns like $200 sweaters now only $9.99 serve as bait to hook shoppers.

3. Take Payment But Never Deliver Goods

Once orders are placed and paid for with credit cards, customers experience one of the following outcomes:

  • Nothing at all – The most common result. Orders completely disappear without ever shipping despite payments clearing.
  • Cheap knock-offs – Some report receiving poor quality replicas made with inferior materials totally unlike advertised.
  • Used, damaged goods – In some rare cases, victims receive tampered with or spoiled items showing no new products ship.

4. Disappear After Taking Money

When defrauded shoppers try contacting ClearlyDrank for refunds or to report fraud, they get:

  • Completely ignored – Emails go unanswered, calls bounce back.
  • Blocked – On the rare chance someone responds, accounts swiftly get banned rejecting further communication.

By avoiding accountability and vanishing after credit cards get charged, the scam continues unchecked while victims never receive any form of customer service.

So in summary, ClearlyDrank relies on fabricated limited-time promotions, phony prices, bait and switch tricks, and evasion of responsibility to defraud customers and pocket ill-gotten gains. These crooks demonstrate no intent on operating a legitimate business or satisfying customers.

Now that you understand how this scam works on a high level, let’s analyze some specific red flags that expose this fraudulent operation.

Clearly Drank Scam

8 Red Flags Exposing the Clearly Drank Scam

While looks convincingly like an authentic retailer at first glance, several suspicious indicators reveal its fraudulent motives.

Here are 8 red flags I uncovered showing why ClearlyDrank is unequivocally a scam website:

1. Created the Website Only Weeks Ago

A domain name search on shows the site has only existed for a few weeks or months at most. Fraud sites like these typically have short lifespans before getting shut down and reopening under new names once exposed.

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2. No Legitimate Contact Information

Unlike ethical businesses, no phone number, business address, or other means exist to actually contact the company or owners. This lack of accountability makes it impossible to address order issues.

3. Vague “About Us” Page Lacking Details

All background details on the company behind ClearlyDrank are vaguely described or completely missing. Searching online yields zero records on this phantom business or its owners.

4. Rife with Spelling & Grammar Errors

Sloppy typos and grammatical mistakes scattered across the site indicate a fly-by-night scam operation rather than a professional business that proofreads.

5. Steals Copyrighted Images From Major Retailers

Every product photo is a stolen stock image with pricing or details crudely photoshopped over the top. No original photographs further scream “fraud”.

6. Claims Unrealistic Discounts Up to 99% Off

Prices slashed by 90-99% are quite literally unbelievable. No legitimate retailer could sustain such losses and stay afloat. These outlandish deals aim to blind shoppers.

7. Social Media Pages All Recently Created

While ClearlyDrank uses platforms like Facebook and Instagram for promotion, all accounts tied to the site show recent creation dates within the past month and barely any followers.

8. Absolutely Zero Evidence of Real Customers

No customer reviews exist anywhere for this company. And all comments left on ClearlyDrank’s social media profiles warning people of their scam operation get instantly deleted.

With so many alarms ringing about this deceitful operation, we can definitively label ClearlyDrank a fraudulent website. Next, let’s examine first-hand negative experiences from fellow shoppers scammed by this platform.

Clearly Drank Reviews & Complaints: In Their Words

While doing research online, I stumbled upon many others complaining about getting ripped off by ClearlyDrank. Reading these negative reviews and scam reports from fellow victims further confirms this company cannot be trusted.

Received Nothing After Ordering Workout Supplements

Ryan N. explains:

“I placed an order for 3 containers of a pre-workout supplement called Nitrix that was advertised heavily discounted on ClearlyDrank’s homepage. I never received tracking info or the products after waiting over 3 weeks. Emailing their customer service address got no response. Calling my bank they confirmed the $87 charge. But there’s no way to get a refund since ClearlyDrank is a scam site that sends nothing!”

Counterfeit Luxury Sweater Delivered After 2 Months

Sophia L. describes her disappointing experience:

“I used ClearlyDrank to buy a $480 cashmere sweater for only $19. It seemed like an absolute steal. But after no delivery for months, I finally received a sweater, but it’s clearly super cheap knit material unlike what I ordered. And throwing it in the wash wrecked it. Total scam!”

Attempts to Return Damaged Goods Failed

Grace D. tried pursuing a refund:

”The ‘luxury’ shoes I ordered arrived scuffed with worn out soles as if they were used. When emailing to arrange a return, ClearlyDrank never replied. Calling I found the phone disconnected. And they already charged my card the full amount despite sending defective items. I learned to never use shady stores like them again.”

Based on these negative experiences from fellow shoppers, ClearlyDrank exhibits a consistent pattern of selling knockoff items, sending used goods, or nothing at all while pocketing people’s money and evading accountability.

With this company showing no intent on satisfying customers but rather exploiting them through bait-and-switch tricks, stay far away from ClearlyDrank unless you want to lose hard-earned money as well.

But what if you already ordered from this fraudulent website and got scammed?

What to Do If You Already Ordered From Clearly Drank

If you unfortunately fell for the ClearlyDrank scam and purchased items you never received, or received shoddy quality imposters, here are important next steps:

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Step 1: Contact Your Credit Card Company to Dispute Charges

Alert your bank or credit card provider immediately about the fraudulent charges. Provide order details like the purchase date, vendor name, items ordered, etc. You may need to fill out some paperwork formally disputing the transactions.

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you have protections for goods/services not delivered as described by fraudulent businesses. Your bank should offer you a conditional credit refunding the unauthorized deductions.

Step 2: Gather All Records of Your Order

Compile order confirmations, shipping communications, emailed receipts, website screenshots or anything documenting your transactions. This evidence will help demonstrate you never received items ordered or received inferior quality goods versus advertised.

Step 3: Leave Online Reviews Warning Others

Post about your negative experiences on consumer review platforms like TrustPilot or SiteJabber warning others about this scam website. Make sure to stick to factual details avoiding potential defamation.

Step 4: Report ClearlyDrank to Authorities

File a scam complaint with organizations like:

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Report fraud here selecting “Online shopping” for issue type.
  • State Attorney General – Lookup AG office for your state here to file a local consumer complaint about the scam.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Submit a scam report here even if ClearlyDrank lacks BBB accreditation.
  • IC3 – Report internet crimes to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center here.
  • Domain Registrar – File abuse complaints with whoever registered the domain.
  • Social Networks – Report ClearlyDrank’s Facebook/Instagram pages for removal.

Taking these steps prevents the scam from claiming more victims and helps authorities pursue action to shut down such fraudulent operations.

I know unexpectedly getting scammed like this raises lots of questions about what recourse you have and what risks could stem from this situation. Below I answer some frequently asked questions for more clarity.

7 FAQs About the Clearly Drank Scam

Is it possible to get my money back if I ordered from Clearly Drank?

Yes, you have an excellent chance of recouping your money if you move swiftly. Reporting unauthorized credit charges to your card issuer in writing starts a chargeback process in your favor. Emphasize it’s an illegitimate business failing to render purchased goods/services.

As long as you dispute the charges quickly under card network time limits, likely within 90-120 days, your bank will reimburse deducted funds after confirming a scam merchant processed the transactions without delivering promised items.

Could my identity get stolen from ordering on Clearly Drank?

It’s possible but preventable. If you created a user account entering any personal data, consider that information compromised. Potential risks include:

  • Accounts getting opened/used fraudulently
  • Medical identity theft for false insurance claims
  • Criminal acts committed under your identity

Safeguard yourself by getting fraud alerts placed on accounts, setting up credit freezes restricting opening new lines in your name, and modifying passwords where identical ones got exposed.

Remain vigilant monitoring account activity but also realize card chargebacks remove liability for scam purchases even if personal information leaked.

What details should I include when reporting this scam website?

Reporting ClearlyDrank requires detailed documentation. For optimal success getting this fraudulent website shut down and preventing further victimization, provide:

  • The domain name
  • Names connected to registering the domain
  • Hosting provider enabling the site
  • Addresses tied to hosting/domain registration
  • Server IPs hosting the scam content
  • Pages from site showing scam practices
  • Owner emails associated with domain
  • Samples of fraudulent ads/emails by this company
  • Payment processors aiding the scammers

Including this comprehensive information arms authorities with everything needed to trace those behind ClearlyDrank and seize control of scam infrastructure.

Could malware on my device come from ordering on Clearly Drank?

Yes, since you likely entered personal information like email addresses onto a shady platform, consider your device infected. ClearyDrank captures user data to fuel further frauds like:

  • Spam phishing campaigns – Expect spoofed emails impersonating banks, shipping companies, or social networks attempting further user logins/financial theft.
  • Malware payloads in files emailed or installed via ads clicking.
  • Browser cookie theft & tracking scripts compromise privacy.
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Safeguard yourself by scanning devices with malware tools like MalwareBytes to remove threats. And consider resetting all passwords entered onto ClearlyDrank in case of credential leaks. Enhanced precautions like multi-factor authentication add further account protection from fraud.

What other online shopping scams should I watch out for?

ClearlyDrank belongs to a broader world of ecommerce scams exploiting shoppers daily. Be wary of:

  • Social media ads with comments disabled and prices too good to be true
  • Job listing scams for secret shoppers direct victims to fake check scams
  • Texts/emails phishing for app purchases, deliveries, account logins
  • Reshipping mules who receive & forward stolen goods unknowingly
  • Fake freemium trials snaring credit cards for recurring monthly fees

Review FTC scam alerts and bookmark GraphSite helping you instantly Identify scam websites through data visualizations. And search engine tools like Google Safe Browsing warn on risky sites with malware threats.

Stay vigilant for unbelievable deals directing payments anywhere slightly suspicious or unverifiable. If an offer gives you pause, walk away rather than risking your money and identity.

Where can I leave my own Clearly Drank review to warn others?

If you got scammed by too, I encourage you to leave your personal review detailing what happened when you tried ordering from this fraudulent website.

To warn fellow shoppers considering ClearlyDrank, you can leave your review explaining products never arrived or negatively critique low-quality items received at:

Posting your story helps spotlight shady operations like ClearlyDrank taking advantage of consumers. Together we can prevent more people wasting money at this scam site.

Now that you know the inner workings and risks surrounding the Clearly Drank scam website, let’s wrap with a final summary.

Avoid ClearlyDrank: Conclusion & Final Thoughts

I hope exposing all the deception employed by the scam website helps you steer clear of ever purchasing from this fraudulent platform peddling lies and theft rather than legitimate goods to trusting customers.

To recap, this investigation revealed how ClearlyDrank relies on:

  • Fabricated limited-time promotions
  • Phony unrealistic price markdowns
  • Copied stock images & stolen content
  • Bait-and-switch tricks shortchanging orders
  • Vanishing without accountable customer service

Reviews from fellow victims demonstrated ClearlyDrank never intends on satisfying shoppers but rather defrauding them through trickery and deceit. We uncovered countless red flags signaling this scam operation connects with broader underground fraud networks persisting through anonymity and oblivion to consumer protection laws.

By unmasking the truth, proving allegations, and reporting ClearlyDrank to proper authorities, we can dismantle this scam while preventing more consumers from being exploited by such devious ecommerce schemes.

I urge you to complete your holiday shopping using only reputable online retailers that demonstrate years of business, positive reviews, secure checkout processes, and most importantly – a track record of serving genuine customers not scam victims.

Your trust and money get repaid through credible customer experiences – not unbelievable blowout sales stacked with red flags. Together we can make the digital marketplace safer by exposing ClearlyDrank and similar frauds seeking only to do harm.

Please leave your comments and ClearlyDrank reviews below!

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