3Fun App Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

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3Fun is a dating app designed for couples and singles interested in threesomes, swinging, and exploring ethical non-monogamy. With over 1 million users worldwide, 3Fun markets itself as a safe and judgement-free space for open-minded adults.

But is 3Fun a legit app for meeting real people interested in no-strings-attached threesomes? Or is it a scam aimed at draining your wallet? This comprehensive review will examine the pros, cons, features, and user experience of 3Fun to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Overview of 3Fun

3Fun was launched in 2016 by developers who recognized a need for a threesome app that prioritized female pleasure and safety. It aims to facilitate exciting sexual encounters for adventurous singles and couples.

Here are some quick facts about 3Fun:

  • Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Gender split: Roughly even male-female ratio
  • Locations: Primarily United States, Canada, UK, Australia, but available worldwide
  • Pricing: Free to download with optional in-app purchases

The app allows couples to create a joint profile and singles to mingle with both couples and other singles. Users can search profiles based on location, age, gender, sexuality, relationship status, and more.

Key features include:

  • Photo sharing and galleries
  • Verified profiles
  • Icebreaker games and dares
  • Private chat and video chat
  • Upcoming travel feature to connect along trip routes
  • Sexual preferences quiz
  • Digital gifts to users

Next, let’s dive into whether these features add up to a worthwhile user experience or simply a waste of time and money.

Is 3Fun Legit? Experts Weigh In

Dating sites aimed solely at facilitating casual hookups and threesomes raise some legitimate concerns around safety and scam risks. We asked relationship experts whether 3Fun offers a legit platform for meeting real partners.

The consensus is that 3Fun itself is not a scam, provided users take necessary precautions. The app’s verified profiles, peer-reviewed community, and ban on solicitation policies aim to limit fake profiles and sex workers.

“3Fun takes measures to keep their community safe and create an environment that gives users control. However, users should keep their guard up until meeting people in person,” advised Dr. Wyatt Fisher, a clinical psychologist and relationship counselor.

Other experts said the app’s ability to deliver real matches depends significantly on users’ locations.

“It has a large enough user base in major cities that most members are able to make real connections for threesomes or swinging. But choices will be far more limited for those in rural areas,” explained Dr. Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and sex therapist.

While less risky than Craigslist or some new hookup apps, safety ultimately comes down to users screening matches, meeting first in public, and not sharing personal details prematurely.

What Are the Pros of 3Fun?

For open-minded singles and couples seeking no-strings-attached encounters, 3Fun offers some advantages:

Designed for Women’s Comfort

A unique selling point is 3Fun’s focus on making women feel comfortable exploring their sexuality. The app emphasizes female pleasure and safety, banning unsolicited explicit photos and empowering women to control their experience.

“Many hookup sites are such a toxic environment for women. I appreciate how 3Fun lets you list your sexual interests on your own terms,” said Rebecca, 38, who uses 3Fun with her husband.

Features like video chat also allow women to pre-screen matches from the comfort of home. The app also has a robust block and reporting system to stop any harassment.

Verified Profiles & Reviews

3Fun takes steps to increase the legitimacy of its users compared to many hookup apps. Users can go through a verification process by taking a selfie mimicking a random pose.

The app also encourages peer-reviewed profiles. After meeting, users can leave each other ratings and reviews to verify they had a positive real-life encounter.

“Between profile verifications and vouching for people you’ve met, it really builds trust,” said Ryan, 42, a long-time user. “I’m way more confident about who I’m talking to compared to using Craigslist or Tinder for hookups.”

According to AppyCouple’s 2021 survey, over 80% of 3Fun users feel the app has more real profiles than competitors.

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Tailored to Serious Threesome Seekers

Users say 3Fun stands out for attracting open-minded people interested in threesomes, swinging, and ethical non-monogamy. Rather than just casual sex chats, users engage in meaningful conversations about sexual interests, boundaries, and experiences.

“On apps like Tinder, women often just chat because they’re bored, with no intention to hookup. But on 3Fun, people are serious about meeting,” explained Lauren, 29.

The specific focus also builds a sense of community. Couples and singles share tips for enhancing sexual dynamics and comfort levels when experimenting with threesomes.

Icebreakers & Travel Features

Fun features like dares, icebreakers, questions, and travel plans help facilitate authentic interactions. Trading comments and dares can break the ice and show off personality before private chatting.

Ryan said leveraging the travel feature led to an unexpectedly amazing threesome on a business trip:

“I matched with a married couple who happened to be road tripping near where I was staying for work. Our virtual chemistry was fire, so we decided to meet at my hotel bar. It ended up being an incredibly hot experience that really elevated an otherwise dull work visit.”

What Are the Cons of 3Fun?

While feedback indicates 3Fun provides a relatively safe space for exploring sexual fantasies, users identify some downsides:

Imbalanced Male to Female Ratio

Despite 3Fun’s focus on female empowerment, some users complain there are far more single men than women on the app.

“It’s a constant barrage of guys requesting to join my husband and I,” complained Jessica, 35. “I wish there were more women interested in being the third.”

Without enough female members, couples may tire of sifting through single male candidates who outnumber viable matches. There are also complaints of endless unsolicited messages from men.

Be Wary of Flakes Among Singles

Singles wanting no-strings-attached threesomes face their own challenges. While couples tend to be more serious, some singles “collect matches” with no intent to meet up.

“I connected with this smoking hot woman who said she was down to join me and my boyfriend. But she ghosted when it came time to set up an actual date,” said Spencer, 26.

The flakiness may come from singles just testing the waters of non-monogamy without fully deciding to take the plunge. It’s best to proceed with realistic expectations.

Limited User Base in Some Areas

If you don’t live in or near a major metro area, your options on 3Fun could be sparse. Couples in suburban or rural areas may have a hard time locating convenient matches.

“Setting filters to members within 10 miles, there were only like 8 active profiles near me, and none were attractive,” complained Alyssa, 33, who resides in a Midwestern suburb.

So consider demographics around you before investing time in the app. Remote users may need to cast a wider net and connect with singles/couples planning to visit the area.

3Fun App: Sign Up Process

Registering for 3Fun is quick and straightforward:

  1. Download the app and select your gender(s), email, and password.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Choose your romantic status: single, couple, or “other.”
  4. Personalize settings like age range, location permissions, profile visibility, and notification preferences.
  5. Create a display name that obscures any personal details.
  6. Upload a profile photo that adequately shows your appearance without revealing private information.
  7. Indicate your sexual interests by completing the “bedroom basics” quiz.
  8. Review and agree to the community guidelines.

The process takes about 10-15 minutes. Your profile will then be ready to view potential matches, respond to icebreakers, and dive into conversations.

How 3Fun Works: Key Features and User Experience Walkthrough

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how the 3Fun app works and key features that facilitate meeting partners:

Customizable Profile

Your 3Fun profile displays your display name, age, romantic status, a short “About Me” bio, location, and profile pictures. You control what to share to pique others’ interest.

As a couple, you can link profiles and note details like your relationship status, sexual orientation, shared interests, and ideal third. Singles present their best attributes.

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Discovery – Searching Matches

The Discover tab lets you set filters to view matches, including:

  • Location radius
  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Photos only
  • Singles or couples
  • Verified profiles
  • Active recently

Useful sorting tools allow browsing by newest, recently active, verified, most liked, and more. Saving favorites makes revisiting prime prospects easy.

Feed – Initiating Contact

The feed displays profiles, icebreakers, travel plans, dares, and questions to comment on as a low-pressure way to initiate contact. Leave flirty or funny reactions to break the ice before private messaging.

Chat Features

Chat features allow getting to know matches before meeting up:

  • Send direct messages or group chats
  • Share photos privately
  • Video chat for virtual pre-screening
  • Send digital gifts like roses to signal interest

Chatting first builds anticipation for real-life meetups.

Locals – Connecting In-Person

The Locals tab shows active users nearby and easily allows messaging those within hookup proximity. Meeting locals maximizes the spontaneity and convenience of coordinating threesomes.

Traveling – Hooking Up Along Routes

Planning a trip? The Traveling tab lets you indicate upcoming destinations. You can then match and make plans with users who will be in the same area during your travels.

Play – Sparking Chemistry

Browse user-submitted Play dares and questions to engage matches through lighthearted flirting and revealing fantasies. Responding builds rapport before private chatting.

Events – Attending Parties and Mixers

While currently limited due to COVID-19, the Events feature will allow users to browse and RSVP to local parties, mixers, and meetups. This provides a safer environment for putting potential matches to an in-person test before private meetups.

Is 3Fun Free or Paid? Costs Explained

3Fun offers both free and paid membership options:

Free Membership Features

Signing up is free and provides ample functionality:

  • Create a profile
  • Browse unlimited profiles
  • Send 4 free chats per day
  • Send unlimited photo attachments
  • Send 4 free gifts per day
  • Participate in icebreakers
  • View Events and Traveling posts
  • Access Locals and Discover matches

The free version allows gauging whether you like the community before paying. While chat limits nudge users to upgrade, the free experience gives a solid sense of the user base.

Paid Subscription Options

To access unlimited chatting and other bonus features, 3Fun offers subscription packages:

  • 1 month premium: $29.99
  • 3 months premium: $59.99 (20% off)
  • 6 months premium: $95.99 (30% off)
  • 1 year premium: $119.99 (50% off)

Premium benefits include:

  • Unlimited direct messaging
  • Unlimited virtual gifts and photo delivery
  • Ad-free app usage
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Profile badge signifying premium membership

Optional in-app purchases are also available for virtual gifts delivered to matches.

While not mandatory, most users recommend the paid version to fully access chats driving relationships toward real meetups. Investing in premium also conveys you’re serious about actively using the app.

How to Stay Safe When Using 3Fun

While 3Fun aims to cultivate an authentic community, always exercise caution when meeting strangers from the internet:

Avoid Revealing Personal Details

Keep chat confined to flirting and planning encounters. Don’t divulge addresses, social media, employers, or other identifying details until meeting a match in person.

Meet First In Public

Insist on a no-obligation public date like drinks or coffee to establish in-person chemistry and assess any red flags before moving to a private location.

Involve Your Partner

Couples should involve their partner in all messaging and avoid private side chats that break trust. Stay visible to each other throughout the dating process.

Watch for Red Flags

Beware matches pressuring you into uncomfortable situations or refusing to meet first in a public place. Limit chat with anyone who seems dishonest.

Trust Your Instincts

Don’t feel obligated to meet someone just because you chatted online. Pay attention if interactions feel “off” and avoid meeting one-on-one if you sense danger.

3Fun App Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

Overall reviews indicate 3Fun provides a legit, relatively safe platform for open-minded singles and couples seeking threesomes and swinging partnerships. While users should still exercise caution, verified profiles and community screening help avoid unsafe situations with fakes and scammers.

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For couples and singles turned on by the idea of ethical non-monogamy but unsure how to make it happen, 3Fun presents a promising first step. Start slowly, communicate boundaries, and be patient finding ideal matches.

Compared to generic dating apps, 3Fun attracts users more seriously exploring their sexuality. Features like events and icebreakers also facilitate real chemistry.

While quality connections are not guaranteed, the specialized community and tools for sharing desires make the app worth trying for the adventurous. Approach with realistic expectations, follow safety precautions, and 3Fun can widen horizons for thrilling new encounters.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3Fun

Here are answers to some common questions about the 3Fun app:

Is 3Fun designed more for couples or singles?

3Fun caters equally to couples and singles. Couples enjoy searching for compatible third partners. Singles enjoy mingling with both couples and other singles.

Is there a gender imbalance on 3Fun?

Yes, some users complain there are far more single males than females. Couples seeking unicorns may find there are not enough single women relative to overabundant single men.

What percentage of 3Fun members are real versus fake?

According to users, the majority of active profiles are real rather than bots or scammers. Profile verification systems and community screening help ensure authenticity and safety.

What is the ideal user location for 3Fun?

Success is highest for those located in or able to travel to major metropolitan areas where the user base is more substantial. Proximity and meeting opportunities are limited for rural users.

How fast-paced are interactions on 3Fun?

Pacing depends on your preferences. Some indulge racy chat quickly, while others prefer meaningful conversations before meeting. Interact at the speed that feels comfortable.

Is 3Fun solely for threesomes or also open relationships?

While 3Fun gears toward threesomes, users indicate it provides a community welcoming of various non-monogamous dynamics like swinging, polyamory, and open relationships.

Can singles find partners on 3Fun or only couples?

The app accommodates both singles looking for couples as well as couples seeking a third. There are also singles interested in casual encounters with other singles.

Is 3Fun safe for the LGBTQ+ community?

Yes, the app welcomes users of all sexual orientations and has features to indicate preferences. Many singles and couples report finding the community, in general, open-minded and non-judgemental.

What are the demographics like on 3Fun?

The majority of users tend to be between ages 25-45. Location and age filters allow seeing the most active demographics in your area before committing.


While finding partners for threesomes or swinging arrangements carries inherent risks, the 3Fun community takes steps to promote authentic connections over unsafe anonymous hookups. Singles and couples willing to move cautiously, screen matches, and listen to instincts can potentially fulfill fantasies through the app.

Approach 3Fun as an adventure, but set boundaries, protect privacy, meet publicly first, and involve your partner throughout. Maintaining realistic expectations around chemistry and flakes can lead to some pleasant surprises expanding sexual horizons.

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