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Wreme burst onto the scene in 2023 with its trendy phone cases and slippers, flooding social media with ads. But is this company the real deal or just a scam?

I investigated Wreme to uncover the truth. In this extensive guide, I’ll share everything I learned so you can decide if Wreme is legit or one to avoid.

Let’s dive right in.

Overview of Wreme

Wreme sells stylish phone cases like “The Puff Case” and slippers like “The Austin Clog.” Products cost $25-$120.

The website looks slick with nice photography. And with 4.9-star reviews, Wreme seems too good to be true.

So what’s the catch? Let’s analyze the facts.

Wreme Scam

Suspicious Details About Wreme

Digging deeper into Wreme uncovered some suspicious details:

The domain was registered recently – was registered on July 27, 2023, making the business less than a year old. This short lifespan is a potential red flag.

Contact information is hidden – Standard WHOIS lookups show the domain registered to “Contact Privacy Inc,” hiding the real owners. Sketchy.

No address listed – Despite nice branding, Wreme does not list a business address. This lack of physical presence is odd.

Homepage claims don’t add up – The site claims “We don’t take shortcuts” and “ensure customers receive their orders.” But with no track record, how can they guarantee satisfaction?

These peculiarities suggest Wreme may be a scam. Next let’s analyze evidence from scam watchdog sites.

Scam Watchdog Sites Flag Wreme as Suspicious

Independent scam detection sites also determine Wreme looks fishy:

Low trust score – ScamAdviser gives Wreme a low 39% trust score, warning “this website may be risky.”

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Fraudulent selling – ScamDoc received a report accusing Wreme of “selling replica Puffer Cases” instead of legitimate products.

No reviews – ScamAdviser also notes Wreme has zero independent reviews across the web. This lack of feedback is abnormal for a “viral” brand.

The unanimity across scam sites paint an ominous picture of Wreme. But what does an actual customer review say?

Wreme Customer Complaints Describe Non-Delivery and Poor Quality

One Youtube reviewer details his disappointing experience buying from Wreme:

“I ordered 2 phone cases for me and my wife. After not receiving any shipping confirmation, I contacted support. They said the items were out of stock but failed to issue a refund. It’s now been over a month and still nothing. I wish I listened to the scam warnings.”

With no products delivered and zero refunds, this rings of a classic scam. And the video’s comment section features more unhappy customers:

“I actually received my order, but the quality was awful. The print was crooked and colors faded after 1 wash. Wreme refused to respond to my messages.”

“Total scam! I’m fighting my credit card company now but expect to lose that money.”

“Yup I got scammed too. Out $50 and Wreme is ghosting all my emails.”

These actual customer complaints align with scam watchdog cautions about Wreme. It’s not looking good.

Expert Tips to Avoid Wreme and Similar Scams

Hopefully I’ve provided enough evidence to demonstrate Wreme is indeed a scam. But what general tips can help avoid similar schemes?

As online shopping expands, scammers grow increasingly sophisticated. Here are best practices to protect yourself:

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✅ Verify contact info – Real businesses should list a working phone number, physical address, and identifiable owners.

✅ Research the domain age – Most scams use recently registered domains instead of established sites. Whois will give you information about the domain and the age.

✅ Check independent review sites– Don’t rely solely on reviews posted on the company’s website, which can be faked. Search third party consumer sites to confirm quality and service.

✅ Avoid “too good to be true” deals – Extraordinary bargains typically don’t pan out. Stick with reasonable deals from reputable sellers.

✅ Use buyer protection payment methods – Credit cards and services like PayPal offer recourse if sellers scam you.

Follow these tips and always thoroughly vet unfamiliar brands to avoid online retail scams.

The Verdict: Wreme is a Total Scam

By now the evidence overwhelmingly shows Wreme is a fraudulent operation:

  • Whois data reveals hidden owners
  • Scam detection sites give low trust scores
  • No physical location or customer service response
  • Analysis of actual customer complaints
  • Use of fake promotions and celebrity endorsements

I hope this investigative guide has helped protect you from the Wreme scam while giving a blueprint to assess future brands who seem “too good to be true.”

Please share this article if you found it helpful. And comment your own experiences below dealing with online retail scams. Together we can raise awareness and make the web safer for all.

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