Uncovering Factory Discount Store Scam (Buyers BEWARE !!)

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The internet is filled with tempting offers from online discount retailers advertising brand name items at unbelievably low prices. But are these too-good-to-be-true deals all that they seem?

In this article, we’ll investigate one such website – FactoryDiscountStore.com – that has raised some red flags with its suspiciously cheap prices for popular products like iPhones and Lego sets.

Background on Factory Discount Store

Factory Discount Store prominently displays claims of “sale” prices on brand name items like Apple and Samsung devices. At quick glance, the site looks legitimate – clean design, stock photos of products, an About Us page detailing their goal of offering quality items at affordable prices along with great customer service.

However, looking closer reveals some inconsistencies.

The contact details include an address leading to a rental building in New Jersey with no storefront. There are promises of free shipping with no posted policies on shipping times or tracking. Prices seem far below retail value, like an iPhone 15 listed at $400. This raises immediate skepticism on the validity of this retailer.

factory discount store scam

Investigating Factory Discount Store Reviews

With an online retailer displaying warning signs, the next step is investigating customer reviews. However, locating reliable reviews for Factory Discount Store proved challenging.

On the site itself, a “Customer Reviews” section showed a 5-star rating. But on clicking through there were no actual posted reviews – a concerning discovery. Expanding the investigation to independent consumer sites showed mixed signals.

On ScamWatcher, multiple November 2023 reports warned Factory Discount Store is fraudulent, posting fake ads but never sending ordered products.

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However, TrustPilot had a review from October 2023 rating the shopping experience 1 stars. The suspicion here is that positive review may also be fake. Without solid customer verification, none of these review sources could be fully trusted.

Analyzing the Factory Discount Store Website Itself

Without reviews giving clear insight, our investigation turned to analyzing the site itself. Using online tools for assessing website legitimacy revealed more reasons for concern.

While the domain FactoryDiscountStore.com was registered in 2021, the site owner’s identity is hidden through domain privacy protection. This anonymity is common for scammers avoiding accountability.

Scam detection services surfaced additional problems. ScamDoc gave the site a “Bad Trust Score” of just 8% in its algorithm calculating legitimacy of online sellers. Analysis noted the lack of verifiable positive reviews outside the site itself.

WhoIs domain lookup confirmed obscure, unverifiable registration details – another sign something is amiss behind the scenes.

Signs Point to Factory Discount Store Being a Scam

Our in-depth investigation uncovered multiple red flags indicating Factory Discount Store is likely a scam operation:

🚩 Prices impossibly low for a legitimate retailer to profit

🚩 No physical verifiable address or storefront

🚩 Positive reviews only on site itself, with external review sites showing warnings

🚩 Website registration anonymity through domain privacy protection

🚩 Algorithmic trust/scam detection analysis flagged the site as high risk

🚩 Lack of clearly posted policies around shipping, returns, etc.

While not every indicator above definitively proves malicious intent, collectively they overwhelm any benefit of the doubt. Our recommendation is avoiding this online retailer entirely given the high probability orders will not be fulfill as described at best – or at worst no products ever get shipped despite payments being processed.

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How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams

The unclear legitimacy of discount websites like Factory Discount Store underscores the need for savvy, defensive shopping habits online. Here are some tips for avoiding scams:

Research before buying – Search “[site name] scam” and read through reviews. Check scam detection sites. Look for consistent red flags.

Verify physical addresses – Google Maps the company’s listed location. Confirm it’s an actual storefront, not just a rental mailbox.

Price check expensive items – If the price seems too good to be true, check Amazon, Best Buy or other major retailers for price comparisons. Know the normal value range.

Shop established online retailers – Stick to well-known sites like Amazon, Walmart or direct from major brands. There is more accountability and less scam risk.

Use credit cards when possible – Credit cards allow charging back payments if merchandise is faulty or never arrives. Much harder to get money back from debit cards, wire transfers, gift cards, etc. Avoid these less secure options.

While being an informed consumer requires some extra effort, a bit of skepticism and research before buying can save major headaches. Protect yourself by investigating unfamiliar e-commerce sites before handing over payment just to receive an unwanted surprise…or nothing at all.

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