Unmasking Unicity Scam: Everything You Need To Know (Update)

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Unicity is a controversial multi-level marketing company selling health and wellness products. You may have heard bold income claims and miraculous health testimonials. But is Unicity scam or legit?

I’ve analyzed complaints, reviews, products, compensation plans and lawsuits to uncover the truth. By the end, you’ll know if you should join, buy from or avoid Unicity.

What is Unicity?

Unicity is an MLM company marketing supplements and personal care products in 23 countries. Their most popular product is Unicity Balance for cholesterol and blood sugar.

The company began in 2001 as a merger between Rexall Sundown, a nutritional MLM, and Enrich International. They rebranded as Unicity International in 2002 under CEO Stewart Hughes.

Unicity sells:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Weight loss supplements
  • Joint health formulas
  • Digestive aids
  • Energy drinks
  • Skin care

Besides the product focus, Unicity has a multi-level compensation plan allowing distributors to earn money from direct sales and building a downline.

So should you get involved with their business opportunity or health products? I investigated 100+ reviews, income claims and lawsuits for the real deal.

Analyzing Unicity Reviews

Digging into independent reviews reveals some shady marketing techniques and prohibitive costs. But others say the products deliver results if you can afford them.

Unicity Scam product

Mixed Reviews on If Products Work

Unicity products have medium ratings across review sites. On Influenster, their Balance cholesterol supplement scores 3.4 stars from 30 Unicity reviews. On High Ya, their Joint Magic formula for bone and joint health has 51 reviews and 3 stars.

Positive reviewers say Unicity supplements deliver noticeable results:

“I have been taking Balance for 2 years and it has been amazing. Brought my cholesterol under control without prescription meds.”

“Joint Magic improved my knee pain. I can exercise again without problems.”

Negative reviewers complain about no real benefits:

“Took Balance for 90 days with no drop in cholesterol. Waste of money.”

“Didn’t really help my joints. Too expensive to repurchase.”

Many reviews praise the products but say they are too costly for long-term use. We’ll analyze pricing and break down expenses later.

Overall, Unicity products seem hit-or miss depending on the individual. Since supplements are never one-size-fits-all, results can vary.

Complaints of Aggressive Marketing

While some people like the products, many complaints target pushy approaches from distributors:

“A high school friend reached out after years to catch up. But she mostly pitched me on overpriced supplement schemes.”

“My neighbor does Unicity and keeps pressuring me to join her downline.”

Recruiting close contacts for a commission seems sleezy to many reviewers. And according to Income Disclosure Statements (more later), over 99% of distributors earn low yearly incomes.

This reveals why reps resort to aggressive outreach for sales and signups. But does the desperation excuse the tactics? You decide.

Investigating Unicity Lawsuits

Beyond individual complaints, Unicity faced a major 2017 class action lawsuit in California alleging it operated an illegal pyramid scheme. But what exactly happened?

Accusations of Operating an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

In October 2017, Unicity member Elle Natasha Paredes filed a complaint seeking class action status in California case number BC 675333.

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Ms. Paredes accused Unicity of promoting an illegal pyramid scheme by focusing on recruitment over retail sales. Her main arguments included:

  • Cost per distributor ($1,500+) exceeds average retail profit per person ($500)
  • 99% of members lose money when factoring expenses
  • Bonuses emphasize signing up distributors over product sales
  • No verification process that customers are real vs other distributors

This lawsuit dragged on until June 2021 when the court approved a settlement. Unicity agreed to pay $5.25 million distributed to over 100,000 qualifying distributors.

While Unicity didn’t admit guilt, they chose to settle instead of fight the case or make changes going to trial. Make your own judgment on what that means.

Analyzing the Unicity Compensation Plan

To decide if Unicity is worth joining, you need to understand how their MLM business model and commission structure works. Let’s break it down.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Unicity?

Becoming a Unicity distributor costs $29.99 per year. But to qualify for commissions, you must order an enrollment pack:

  • Basic Pack – $271
  • Builder Pack – $569
  • Business Pack – $1898

So real startup costs range from $300 to $1900. Products in packs count as commissionable volume. Many distributors find signing up new reps easier by focusing on pack sales vs individual products.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Unicity?

For every Unicity product sale, you earn 30% commission minus volume discounts. With the average product price around $50, your profit is $15 per sale.

As a distributor, you also get wholesale rates up to 40% off for personal purchases and inventory. But is the discount enough to attract retail customers?

Let’s say you buy Balance for $54 as a distributor and sell for full retail price of $89. That leaves you with $35 profit per sale before expenses like brochures, travel and samples eaten into earnings.

Most negative Unicity reviews complain earning enough sales volume alone rarely leads to profit after subtracting costs.

Instead, building a downline appears better rewarded according to the bonus structure.

Unicity Commissions from Team Building

Unicity uses a unilevel compensation plan with distributors you recruit going on your first level. You earn bonus percentages as your downline grows through seven tiers:

  • Level 1 – 5%
  • Level 2 – 10%
  • Level 3 – 5%
  • Level 4 – 5%
  • Level 5 – 5%
  • Level 6 – 4%
  • Level 7 – 4%

So if you recruit 5 distributors and they each sell $100 of product, you earn $25 on your first level (5% of $100 x 5 reps).

Money from each lower tier also flows upward, rewarding those at the top most.

Unicity also pays bonuses for hitting certain ranks like Silver Director ($5000 per month) up to Crown Diamond ($75,000 per month).

But do average distributors actually earn bonuses and high ranks?

Analyzing the Unicity Income Disclosure

According to the 2022 Unicity Income Disclosure Statement the average active distributor only earns $504 a year.

Out of 228,000+ members, less than 1% reach Director ranks and high bonuses. Without significant downlines, low retail profit margins make it hard to break even after expenses much less profit.

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Here’s a summary of average earnings by % of active Unicity distributors:

Rank % of Members Average Earnings
Associate 94.56% $63
Manager 3.43% $724
Director 1.35% $7,752
Senior Director 0.33% $32,742
Executive Director 0.20% $86,887

With most Unicity distributors losing money when you factor in costs, is joining still worth considering?

Should You Join Unicity as a Distributor?

Given shady marketing complaints, pending lawsuits and a better than 99% failure rate, I don’t recommend Unicity’s business opportunity.

The potential rewards come with too high financial and social risks in my opinion. Alienating friends to desperately peddle overpriced products seems like a dead end road.

And without a large downline purchasing pricy enrollment packs, earning a profit looks near impossible due to the compensation plan.

But what about just buying Unicity products as a customer? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Should You Buy Unicity Products as a Customer?

With mixed effectiveness reviews, positive Unicity testimonials seem limited to certain supplements. Their Balance formula to lower cholesterol is the only product with much documented research.

Published studies show Unicity Balance can lower LDL by up to 30% and raise HDL by over 20% in just 60 days. But with an expensive $89+ price tag, compare quality generics first.

And remember, a balanced diet and active lifestyle make bigger health impacts long-term. No supplement alone works magic.

So approach Unicity products cautiously without overhyped expectations. Testing new formulas risks wasted money if your body chemistry doesn’t respond well or you forget to take them daily.

Review options carefully and run trials before committing to costly monthly supplies. Don’t feel pressured by acquaintances to take the plunge.

And if a friend wants your honest feedback, share pros and cons transparently. Finding harmony avoids relationship turmoil over MLM tension.

With an overview of questionable practices but some potential upsides, decide mindfully if sampling Unicity suits your situation. Uphold truth but lead with compassion.

Top Alternatives to Consider Instead

Rather than battle unhappy Unicity stories, safer options exist to earn income and get healthier:

1. Start an Affiliate Site: Share helpful reviews educating visitors while recommending ethical products and services you believe in. Build trust and community around your niche passions. Monetize with transparent affiliate programs only endorsing brands that resonate with your values and deliver consistent quality.

2. Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending: Platforms like Lending Club facilitate everyday investors funding personal loans and earning attractive returns. Cut out shady middlemen and banking fees to split profits with borrowers directly. Set your filters to automatically invest according to risk tolerance.

3. Code Simple Apps: With no-code tools like AppMaster, anyone can build mobile and web apps visually without complex programming. Subscription marketplaces connect your quality apps with massive audiences for passive sales 24/7. Help people productivity without pushy pitches.

4. Flip Online Businesses: Buy existing small ecommerce shops or niche sites that already earn money then scale profits with your skills and marketing savvy. Less risk than starting from scratch but high upside from strengthening stable foundations.

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5. Trade Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain currencies contain revolution potential to bank the unbanked through decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. Do your research then trade top coins using exchanges like Coinbase. Set stop losses and take profit exit points.

6. Rent Out Spare Rooms: As an Airbnb host you can rent unused living areas in your home to vacationing travelers. Set custom rates and minimum stay requirements to maximize earnings. Welcome new friends as a cultural exchange.

7. Rent Out Your Car: Get paid by the hour or day renting your vehicle to neighbors when not using it yourself. Turo handles insurance and screening. Earn well depending on your vehicle’s market demand.

8. Deliver Food: Apps like UberEATS or DoorDash pay drivers to deliver food from local restaurants to hungry people stuck at home or the office. Choose your own flexible schedule. Listen to podcasts and explore neighborhoods along your routes.

9. Sell Handmade Crafts: Got creative hobbies or art skills? Set up your own Etsy shop selling homemade soaps, jewelry, decor and more unique gifts. Tap your talents to fund personal projects.

10. Rent Your Home As A Film Set: Generating passive income without extra work can be lucrative. Websites like Peerspace connect your empty house or apartment with productions needing set locations and eager to pay fair rates.

11. Become a Private Lender: If you have excess savings, become the bank and fund real estate deals or small business loans yourself. Set the terms with higher interest rates and lower risk than buying rental properties or REITs. Require collateral so payments keep flowing even in down markets.

12. Import Products from Alibaba: The world’s giant wholesale marketplace levels the playing field allowing anyone to access low-cost manufacturing direct from China. Have custom products invented and branded with your logo to resell at a markup.

13. Start Freelancing: Finally put all those unused skills to paid use! Design logos on Fiverr, code WordPress sites on Upwork, write sales letters on Constant Content, teach languages on Verbling, mix beats on SoundBetter or provide therapy online.


I aimed to provide an unbiased angle investigating Unicity reviews, products and lawsuits. After extensive analysis, too many red flags popped up for me to recommend either buying from or joining their opportunity in most situations.

If you still feel drawn to try Unicity supplements after weighing pros and cons carefully, approach cautiously with reasonable expectations. Don’t fall for false promises or income hype from desperate reps.

But with so many better business models and healthier life paths, why waste energy grappling with pushback? Instead follow your passion. Quiet manipulation and focus on ethical impact.

Choose to uplift humanity over combating darkness. Spread light playing by your own rules, not rigid structures seeking to exploit bright-eyed optimism. Chart a self-determined journey leaving negativity behind to dissolve in reason and positivity.

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