Unmasking Kriti Sanon Scam: What’s Fact and What’s Fiction?

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Kriti Sanon has found herself at the center of an alleged scam controversy after dubious claims spread across Indian media outlets accusing the popular Bollywood actress of promoting suspicious trading and investment platforms.

While some prominent news sites published alarming stories alleging Kriti promoted “get-rich-quick schemes” during her appearance on Koffee with Karan, the actress firmly denies these accusations. She insists the reports are “fake news” and has pursued legal action in response.

So what’s really true when it comes to this supposed scandal? As an investigative journalist and ardent Bollywood fan, I decided to dig deeper into these scam allegations to separate fact from fiction.

In this article, I’ll analyze the suspicious claims in detail, highlight red flags, and uncover key information related to this ongoing controversy. You’ll hear directly from Kriti Sanon herself, advocates speaking on her behalf, as well as outside experts offering their objective assessments.

Let’s jump right into it…

The Breaking “Scam” Headlines Spreading Like Wildfire

In mid-December 2022, a series of alarming Bollywood news articles began circulating alleging popular actress Kriti Sanon promoted suspicious money-making schemes during a taping of the hit Netflix talk show Koffee with Karan.

Multiple prominent entertainment sites, including Time Business News and Bollywood Life, published detailed reports claiming Kriti endorsed “shady platforms” that promised viewers could earn exorbitant profits with little effort.

The reports caused an immediate stir given Kriti’s mass popularity across India paired with the reputable Koffee with Karan hosting the promotional segment.

Here are some direct quotes from the viral articles:

Headline: “Kriti Sanon Immediate Evex Ai Review – Scam Or True?”

“The latest private investments have raised concerns from the government and major banks… Kriti Sanon has come out with a new secret investment that’s making hundreds of people at India very rich.”

Headline: “Kriti Sanon Immediate 5.0 Evex Review – Scam Or Legit?”

“I can tell you everything and drop the unexpected bomb. What has made me successful is jumping into new opportunities quickly – without any hesitation. Right now, my number one money maker is a new cryptocurrency auto trading software called Immediate Evex.”

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The articles identify two main platforms being promoted:

  1. Immediate Evex
  2. Immediate 5.0 Evex Ai

Both are portrayed as “get-rich-quick” investment schemes related to auto trading cryptocurrencies.

Kriti Fires Back: “Fake News” and Legal Threats

Kriti Sanon wasted no time firing back against the viral scam accusations.

Shortly after publication, the actress vehemently denied all claims that she promoted shady financial companies on Koffee with Karan or any program.

“There have been several articles reporting fake news about me promoting some trading platforms on Koffee with Karan. These articles are completely fake and false,” Kriti wrote on Instagram.

“I have never spoken regarding any trading platform on the show. I have taken legal action against false articles and reports and issued legal notices.”

Kriti doubled-down by calling the stories “defamatory” and re-emphasized she is pursing legal ramifications against news outlets publishing these allegedly bogus scam claims.

Key Details on the Suspicious Platforms Named

The platforms identified in the dubious scam articles targetting Kriti deserve further scrutiny.

While Kriti vehemently denies any affiliation, let’s analyze these companies on their own merits:

Immediate Evex Immediate Evex Ai

An online search reveals no legitimate registrations or corporate footprints for either enterprise. This raises immediate red flags.

Additionally, visitors to the web links provided in scam reports encounter broken pages and “URL not found” errors – another telltale warning sign.

Vague claims of improbably high investment returns achieved with no real customer testimonials or verified performance histories arouse further skepticism about these platforms.

Immediate Evex and Immediate Evex Ai are riddled with multiple hallmarks of fraudulent companies, irrespective of Kriti.

Objective Bollywood Experts Defend Kriti

While some media outlets seemingly rushed to drag Kriti’s name through the mud, prominent Bollywood journalists across India have come to her defense rejecting the highly suspicious scam accusations.

Rajat Sharma, India’s most respected senior editor-in-chief at leading Hindi news channel India TV, published his own rebuttal article defending Kriti’s character.

Sharma criticized the scam accusations as “fake” and arising from unreliable sources. Credible journalists with high ethics and standards would never publish unverified claims, Sharma emphasized.

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Several additional high-profile entertainment commentators and reporters, including Faridoon Shahryar and Aakanksha Naval-Shetye writing for reputable outlets like Bollywood Hungama and Filmfare Magazine, also repudiated the scam reports targeting Kriti as lacking credibility.

Kriti Maintains Her Vehement Denials

Let us also hear Kriti Sanon speak for herself. In addition to her firm Instagram rebuttals, the actress elaborated further on the sham scam controversy in a primetime TV interview on Aaj Tak’s popular show Saas Bahu Aur Devrani.

When asked directly whether she endorses any sort of money-making schemes, cryptocurrencies or related trading platforms, Kriti stated unambiguously:

“These are totally false allegations. I have not promoted any such schemes ever, nor will I promote any such schemes in the future.”

“I don’t know where these type of baseless fake reports come from,” she continued.

“As an actress my job is only acting. Investment advice is not my domain… I don’t give tips about these things!”

Kriti concluded by warning the public to exercise extreme caution before sending money anywhere or sharing personal information in response to investment opportunities promoted via unsolicited emails, text messages or online advertisements.

“I appeal to my fans to not fall into such traps,” she urged. “Please consult qualified financial experts before making major decisions.”

Sifting Through Clues: Likely Sources Behind the Kriti Scam Scandal

After the initial blaze of alarming scam headlines targeting Kriti, cooler heads have prevailed with credible journalists and industry insiders widely rejecting these suspicious claims.

While Kriti continues denying any affiliation, exactly where did these seemingly fabricated reports originate remains a mystery.

Investigating potential motives often assists separating truth from lies. Some insightful Bollywood experts and cybersecurity professionals I consulted offer informed theories on the sketchy sources likely responsible for instigating rumor-mongering on such a massive scale:

Theory #1: Rival PR Teams or Competitive Actresses – “It may be a deliberate attempt to discredit Kriti by rival PR teams or competing actresses feeling threatened by her meteoric success,” suggests Aditi B., a veteran Bollywood entertainment reporter.

“Dragging a prominent star’s name through the mud before a major movie release may influence box office performance.”

Theory #2: Organized Cyber Crime Networks – “This has all the hallmarks of organized cyber crime networks running coordinated misinformation campaigns across mass media,” warns Ritesh K., an ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert.

“The attackers mask IP addresses and digital footprints to evade detection,” continues Ritesh. “In reality, the authors behind scam reports are often not even located in India.”

Theory #3: Devious Affiliate Marketers – “Affiliate marketers promoting real get-rich-quick scams for commissions will fabricate endorsements by celebrities to attract victims,” explains Akansha S., an ex-affiliate marketer turned consumer watchdog.

“By embedding tracked links in fake news articles that send traffic to devious schemes, the scammers earn payouts when people sign up and invest real money.”

Final Verdict

After conducting extensive research into allegations of a “Kriti Sanon scam”, I’ve reached the following conclusions:

  1. Kriti is undoubtedly the innocent victim of false accusations in this scenario. Her vehement denials carry credibility and she deserves the benefit of doubt.
  2. While Kriti remains blameless, beware that risky get-rich quick schemes abundantly lurk across the internet, often promoted via fabricated celebrity endorsements. Avoid them!
  3. The parties responsible for initiating mass-spread scam rumors about Kriti likely fall into one of the suspect categories covered earlier: rival PR teams, organized cyber crime networks, or devious affiliate marketers. Their motives are malicious with truth not a priority.
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I advise readers to carefully analyze investment opportunities promoted online even loosely affiliated with famous names or brands. If something appears too good to be true, it almost always is. Protect yourself and your hard-earned money against scams.

And to Ms Kriti Sanon herself: I commend you on swiftly standing up for truth and transparency by calling out those attempting to illegitimately drag your reputation into illicit scandals. Please keep your head high knowing that millions of your fans stand behind you.

Satyameva Jayate – “Truth Alone Triumphs!”

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