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Online shopping has made our lives more convenient by allowing us to purchase products from the comfort of our homes. However, it also introduces risks of getting scammed by fraudulent websites. One such website that has raised questions is

In this honest review, we’ll take a closer look at this site to determine whether it should be trusted or avoided. Let’s dive right in.

What is is an e-commerce store selling various sports goods like golf equipment, baseball gear, snow sports items, billiards supplies, and tennis products. It claims to offer these items at heavily discounted prices, with some promotions offering up to 90% off.

The site appears well-designed with product images and descriptions. It also has pages outlining company information, shipping and return policies, terms of service, privacy policy, etc. However, upon closer scrutiny, several red flags emerge that cast doubt on’s legitimacy.

Drapsure shop

Red Flags at

🚩 Lack of Contact Details
While legitimate online stores prioritize open communication with customers, provides very limited contact options. There is no phone number, physical address, live chat, or customer service email mentioned anywhere on the site. This raises questions about how customers can get help if needed.

🚩 Newly Registered Domain
A WHOIS lookup reveals that the domain was created in 2023. Sites set up recently without an established history and reputation are considered highly suspect. Fraudsters often use short-lived domains to avoid accountability.

🚩 Fake Company Information
The “About Us” section provides fabricated details with no actual information on the business entity running This is a deceptive tactic to mislead customers into trusting a potentially non-existent company.

🚩 Plagiarized Content
A close inspection shows has plagiarized legal terms, product descriptions, images and other content directly from established companies like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. This implies a lack of originality and reliability.

🚩 Extreme Discounts
Offering almost all items at 70% to 90% off suggests severely underpriced goods that are likely to be fake or poor quality. Genuine sellers cannot sustain such unrealistic mark downs.

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🚩 Absence of Reviews
Real customer reviews help build trust, but has no feedback section. This omission when reviews are crucial for online purchases is another red flag.

🚩 Nonexistent Social Media Presence
Legitimate businesses maintain active social profiles for engagement, but lacks profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This is unusual and raises more warnings.

Based on these red flags, it’s evident that is likely not a trustworthy shopping site. However, to get a clearer picture, we’ll analyze real customer experiences and complaints next.

Customer Complaints and Experiences

Through extensive online research, we found numerous reports from dissatisfied customers:

🚫 Delayed/Non-Deliveries: Many complain of placing orders weeks or months ago but are yet to receive their items or any shipping updates from the site.

🚫 Receiving Wrong/Damaged Items: Some received used, broken or completely different products instead of the ordered new items as described.

🚫 Poor Quality Substitutes: A few claim they got very low quality replicas that fell apart quickly instead of actual branded products shown.

🚫 Missing Refunds: Customers trying to get refunds for undelivered orders or defective items say ignores their messages and phone calls.

🚫 Credit Card Fraud: A few reported unauthorized charges and transactions showing on their cards after providing payment details on

🚫 Malware Infections: A few reviews mentioned their devices getting infected with viruses or malware after visiting the website.

The pattern of unresolved issues, poor customer service and suspicious activities strongly points to being an unreliable online store at best, and an outright scam at worst. Let’s evaluate this further.

Is Really a Scam?

To determine if is involved in fraudulent activities, we analyzed its modus operandi and compared it to the classic signs of an online shopping scam:

Bait and Switch Tactics: The site lures customers with fake discounts and stock images but either fails to deliver products as promised or ships inferior substitutes instead.

Absence of Authenticity: It provides fabricated company details, plagiarized content and no legitimate forms of contact. This shows a lack of transparency.

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Ignoring Complaints: As seen from reviews, does not address customer issues, inquiries or refund demands, suggesting dishonest intentions.

Phishing Methods: The site spreads using spam emails and social media ads containing suspicious links that could steal personal or financial data.

Risk of Identity Theft: By collecting names, addresses, card numbers and other sensitive info during unauthorized transactions, scammers can use it for illegal purposes.

Short-Term Operation: and related domains have been registered for under 12 months, a sign scam sites disappear promptly to avoid authorities.

In conclusion, with its deceptive business practices, misleading promotions and worrisome customer experiences, demonstrates all the hallmarks of an online shopping scam. Interacting with such shady websites can lead to monetary losses and privacy compromises.

Alternative Legitimate Shopping Sites

If you’re in the market for sports equipment and related items, we recommend considering these reputed online retailers instead of

Amazon – Industry leader with enormous selection, customer reviews, warranties and returns policy.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Large physical stores, reliable shipping and customer support via phone/chat. Also price matches.

Walmart – Low prices on gear, free fast delivery over $35, money back guarantee and multiple payment choices.

eBay – Huge used/refurbished selection, buyer protection, authenticity guarantee and easy returns.

Target – Affordable accessories, same-day delivery in some areas, easy website and app experience.

Academy Sports – Specialty outlet focused on team sports, local stores for product tryouts, free shipping over $25.

REI – Popular for outdoor activities gear, lifetime return policy, member dividends and expertise across categories.

These reputed stores have transparent policies, authentic products, positive reviews, secure payments, responsive customer assistance and refund assurances to better fulfill online orders seamlessly and safely. Scam – Verdict

After an extensive analysis of, investigating multiple red flags and customer complaints, our verdict is that this website should be avoided. The overwhelming evidence clearly indicates that is likely operating as a fraudulent online store with deceptive practices.

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Shoppers who have used have reported facing non-receipt of orders, receiving unusable substitutions or experiencing poor customer service and inability to get refunds.

The site owners have also been accused of collecting sensitive financial details without delivering goods purchased or responding to inquiries.

With its suspicious signs like newly registered domain, fabricated business info, plagiarized content, extreme discounts and lack of authentic reviews or contact details, does not inspire any confidence as a trustworthy shopping destination. Instead, all signs point to it being involved in online purchase scams.

Therefore, to be on the safer side, we strongly advise consumers to stay away from and refrain from disclosing personal information or making payments on this website. Choose reputable established online retailers that offer reliable products, policies and post-purchase support. Scam – FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the scam:

Q. Is legitimate?
A. No, based on the evidence and research, is likely not a legitimate online store and should be avoided.

Q. What should I do if I shopped on
A. Contact your bank/card company immediately, and consider freezing your credit. Also beware of potentially fraudulent emails asking for more info.

Q. Can I trust product reviews on
A. No, as the site lacks an authentic reviews section. Reviews could be fabricated by the scammers themselves.

Q. Is it safe to provide personal details to
A. No, the site is suspected of being a front for identity theft. Avoid disclosing sensitive financial or identity information.

Q. What are signs of an online shopping scam?
A. New domains, copy-pasted sites, extreme discounts, private WHOIS info, lack of verified reviews are major red flags of scam stores.

Q. How can I protect myself while online shopping?
A. Only purchase from reputed sellers, research websites thoroughly, avoid insecure payment modes, keep software updated and use antivirus protection.

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