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A young lady became unconscious and died while showcasing some gymnastics in the famous Ghana dance known as the one corner dance in the central region of Ghana.

The deceased young lady whose name was not given was assumed to be in her early twenties.

She met her untimely death while she was seriously showing off some skills to the admiration of her viewers in the streets of the central region in Ghana.

The one corner dance is a dance which requires extra energy for you to perform it. It is a dance that secludes the dancer or the performer in a corner where the performer would be performing a sexually energetic dance.

It is being reported that the dance, both old and young take turns to show off their skills and perform gymnastics as they have been mesmerized with the one corner craze dance fever.

It is also recorded that because of the popularity of the dance and the fun associated with the dance, that very soon the one corner craze dance would be taking over the dancing and music scenes in the whole country of Ghana with full force.

According to an eyewitness who was around when the late young lady was showing off some skills, it said that when the young lady was lying on the floor, they assumed that the young lady was still showing off her excellent skills because she captured a massive crowd to the central region where she was performing the one corner dance.

It continued by saying that they didn’t know that the young lady has passed out, that is why they didn’t come to her rescue on time, maybe they could have helped save her from dying, as they would have called emergency unit on time.

It was however reported that the deceased young lady who is currently under investigation had her body jerking after she had finished performing the one corner craze dance.

Speaking with the media, the families of the deceased whose name was not mentioned said that the lady has a history of seizure sickness and she had ignored the sickness to go and participate in the one corner dance craze.

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