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Many Nigerians have been fabricating series of lies against the president of Nigeria. But the lie of the great politician Fani Kayode tends to be the worst lie told ever with Buhari’s name tagged to it.

President Buhari has left the UK for Nigeria today been 19th of August, 2017. He’s gone around 10:27 am and is expected to arrive Nigeria by 4 pm -according to Sahara Report. But I doubt if the heat of his return won’t be so hot on him as his political enemies have started cooking some fairy worst lies against him even while still on the flight back home.

Worst lie told
Fani Kayode fearlessly reporting live as the presidents return to the country

Today, Fani -Kayode, the emeritus aviation minister tweeted and I quote
”I commend the efforts of the #ResumeOrResign group for chasing @MBuhar out of London after one night of protest outside Abuja House in UK.’’

Imagine the hard statement of Fani-Kayode; thanking the youth protesters in London for ‘’Chasing away’’ President Buhari out of his ‘London hideout.’ This is undoubtedly, the worst lie told against Buhari that will hit him back to back as he returns home today

From his tweet above, it’s evident that many ain’t happy for the president’s return and they pray even that he never comes back home forever. Those clamouring for his return were just saying to make jess of him

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