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Still, on the IPOB matter, the issue was a major discussion during the Anambra state judiciary 2017/2018 Legal year.

The Governor of Anambra State. Willie Obiano through his Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice Anali Chude, condemns the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra group for telling the people of Anambra state to turn their back on the November !8 elections.

The Governor Willie Obiano urged the people of Anambra State to come out en masse to cast their votes on November 18 without fear or any molestation.

He said: Enemies of the state wanted to take the advantage to plunge Anambra State into chaos by directing that elections will not hold in Anambra State.

It is the stand of the state government that elections must hold in Anambra State. We shall stand up to the occasion and refuse to allow people who do not wish Anambra State well to drag us into a situation whereby we will be turned into guinea pigs in the Nigerian polity

But Prof. Ilochi Okafor, when addressing the audience said realization of the right-determination through peaceful demonstration is recognized in the fundamental rights International Law and in the United Nations Charter.

He further said that the Igbos had faced threats of extermination for 100 years in the country.

Okafor also said that there is nothing like Military democracy, and the army has no role to play in stopping the peaceful agitations of unarmed civilians when the police had not failed.

There is nothing like military democracy. It is democracy pure and simple; where the rule of law is practised, where the security and welfare of citizens are paramount, without discrimination of tribe, religion, sex and ethnic origin.

Armies do not arrest civilians. Police do. Armies are not used against a peaceful people, or demonstration. Armies intervene where it is beyond the police, against insurrection, terrorism, and external aggression.

The Igbo are a peaceful people. Demonstrations towards the realisation of the right to self-determination are recognised as fundamental rights in International Law and United Nations Charter. Nigeria is bound by such law.

Our people were issued with quit notice to leave the North or face very dire consequences. No person has been arrested. The Army has not been stationed in the North. October 1 is the deadline and it is around the comer. Who protects our people presently in the North; who has protected us from Fulani herdsmen

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