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Eat your food slowly
Eat your food slowly


Eating at a blazing, speed is as a result of a fast-paced way of living. We tend to do almost everything fast, we drive fast, want fast internet, fast money and even fast food. This is a big problem in today’s world. Leaving a fast life can be taxing and cause a lot of stress. We need to take time slowly and take a deep breath. Try slowing down your life a bit, try eating slowly as there are some benefits to it.

Here are a few reasons why you should eat slowly.

1. It prevents overeating

You tend to eat more than you would on a regular day when you eat fast. Slowing down will make you eat less since it takes the brain about 20 minutes to recognise that we are full. Eating slower will help you shed off some fat. Just eating slowly will allow you lose about 15-20 lbs a year without a diet change.

2. It allows you enjoy your food

Slowly taking one bite at a time enables you to enjoy your food more. When you just stuff yourself with food, there will be no chance to get the taste of the food.

3. It helps in better digestion

Eating food too quickly has its adverse effect on your digestive system. The saliva produces enzymes that start digestion in the mouth, and if you take your time to chew your food really, it will be easier for your digestive system to break the food down.

4. It prevents you from choking

When you eat too fast, you notice that your food gets stuck in the wrong tube and will require water to flush it down. This is never a funny moment when you do not have water close to you, and you have to run in that condition to get water. This can be prevented by slowing down to eat.

5. It reduces stress

People who eat fast often think about what next to do and end up not enjoying the food. They just want to eat and go back to whatever they were doing before they started eating. Your stress level tends to reduce when you take your time and enjoy your food.

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