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burna boy
Burna boy

Singer, Damini Ogulu popularly known by his stage name Burna boy came into limelight with his hit song ‘like to party’ in the year 2012. Five years now and he has stopped intriguing his fans with his music brand which he calls Afrofusion.

Although, the singer is also known for having an insensitive personality and he has had controversies with some people in the industry.

The singer spoke with the Sunday Scoop saying that he is misunderstood big time, he stated that he is someone who likes to calls a spade a spade, that he says things as he sees them and he doesn’t like to sugar-coat things, he said he believes in being real, and he doesn’t have time for industry politics. There is a lot of fakeness in the industry, he said, people say one thing, yet they mean another, and he wouldn’t say anything behind someone’s back, but he would say what he wants to say right in that person’s face and that’s the end, he stated that he believes in expressing himself immediately and after that, it’s over, he moves on. But in the industry, if someone speaks the truth, such a person begins to look like the odd person out, and that’s not nice, and that’s why he doesn’t have lots of friends in the industry because he likes to keep to himself.

BurnaBoy in action
Burna Boy in action

It seems like the industry is filled with people who claim to be what they are not as we have received similar comments like that of Burna boy from Mr Eazi of the fake people around Wizkid. This is truly a sad thing for our industry and the people in it.


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