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The drama unfolds as two men fights over ownership of a 5-month-old baby delivered by an 18-year-old girl in Warri, Delta State.

Tosin Ajayi and Kesiena Tito are currently fighting over who the birth father of the child Emmanuel Omkhode Ajayi.

It all started when Kesiena Tito filed a ‘Threat to Life’ petition against Tosin Ajayi at the Delta State Police command in Warri.

According to Ajayi, he said he had been living with the mother of the child, his girlfriend, Blessing Iroroleh since 2015 and gave birth to their child Emmanuel 2017.

He also claimed that his girlfriend’s mother stayed with them for two months after they welcomed the baby and he has been catering for the mother and the child.

Ajayi also maintained that it was his sister that foot the bills for her medical care when she was put to bed.

Ajayi went on to say that he was shocked when Blessing carried her daughter to Tito’s house claiming that Tito is the Biological father of Emmanuel Omkhode Ajayi.

He said: I am the owner of the baby. I don’t want to sell my child. They should go ahead with the DNA but that other man should pay for it.”

Ajayi allegedly claimed that Tito family bribed him with N100,000 to say he is not the Biological father of Emmanuel at the Police Station and wanted him to sign an undertaken but he rejected the money saying that he cannot sell his own child.

He still maintains his stand on the ownership of the baby and wants a DNA test conducted though he said the other man should pay for it.

Speaking with Kesiena Tito, who hails from Ophorgbala community, Ugheli South Local Government Area in Delta State claimed that he and Blessing have been in a relationship for five years, saying that they just separated ten months ago after having issues they couldn’t resolve before she gave birth in Ajayi house.

Kesiena also claimed that he had been the one responsible for Blessing’s education all these years he has been dating her.
He maintained his claim that he is the real owner of the child.

When Blessing was being Interrogated, she argued that Tito is the biological father of the baby. She also claimed that she moved into Ajayi’s house because she thought that Tito would deny the pregnancy.
Blessing also stated her mum knew that Ajayi is not the birth father of Emmanuel.

She allowed Ajayi to host Emmanuel dedication ceremony.

The Delta state police command has ordered for a DNA test, and the case will be resolved in court.

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