Health Tips Why too much of protein is harmful to your...

Why too much of protein is harmful to your health


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luring to take on routine - too much of protein is dangerous beware
Look good and luring to take on routine -dangerous beware

A lot of people out there believe that if one does not take too much of protein, as much as possible, one is prone to suffering weight gain, and as well develop a mental deficiency. We do not doubt this -let our individual believe work for us. Nevertheless, our centre of discussion today centres on and against taking too much protein as it may turn out to be the architect of our ageing illness.

In as much as medical doctors in different institutes of medicine, acknowledged and recommended the intake of the protein food such as meat, egg, fish and their likes because of the health benefits it provides to man. They never advised that too much of protein is inevitable for man’s survival -that’s to say, taken proteins isn’t a do or die affair. Protein is just one out of the rest classes of foods.

Protein is an essential part of human’s diet, but the adverse effect of taking much of it can cost your life. Here are some harmful effect of too much intake of protein and what we risk to face in the nearby future if we don’t learn to work on our diets now:

Too much of Protein have a chronic side effect
You may never take this serious until it hurts you.

  •  The risk of heart disease -it has been recorded that high protein foods are also very rich in saturated fat which can increase the risk of heart disease. Many persons today, out of ignorance, neglect their health status because they have the money to get all they want. Never forget that no matter how rich you are, you can never afford the cost of life. Its good you take proteins and also utilise the usefulness of your wealth while you still live, but at the same time, watch your diet. Life is more precious than wealth; utilise it while you are still breathing. Protein has calories, and the more calories accumulate in your body system, the more it gets stored as fat. And this may be very unfavourable to you at last.
  •  Risk of Kidney strain -high intake of proteins according to studies contributes to high cholesterol level and gout. This may cause a strain on kidneys, especially to those who genetically suffers kidney diseases. A man suffering from kidney disease is as good as a living dead. This is the more reason why you should watch your diet often and keep away from taking too much of protein.
  •  The risk of Diabetes -foods like beans is taken to be 100% protein by not less than 65% of the world population due to ignorance to science. And families almost eat beans daily as a regular food because of its assumed proteinous nature. But studies today have it that beans like pinto, navy and the likes are about one-quarter protein and three-quarters carbohydrate. We all know that much intake of carbohydrates causes diabetes as a result of excessive glucose. So, you see why you don’t need doubt of how one can ignorantly become diabetic from assumed protein intake.

Let me give you a typical example of the tremendous effect of too much of protein intakes in one’s life. According to Yahoo news, it was carried that a lady by name Meegan Hefford. A 25years old mother of two; from Australia and a body builder who was preparing for a competition was reported dead after over consumption of protein shakes and supplements.
After an autopsy was carried out, it was discovered that Meegan over consumed protein-rich foods and unknown to her, she had a genetic disarray that prevented the proper metabolism of this excess protein she takes in. And this led to a build up of ammonia in her blood and made fluid accumulate in her brain -thus leading to her on timely death.

too much of protein caused her life
Meegan Hefford Picture while still alife

We always advise that we less the high way we acknowledge the intake of canned foods, proteins, and most artificial made foods. These foods aren’t healthy for our system. Our body deserves the best and should be treated as such with utmost priority. Wealth does not guarantee good health, our attitude does. As we eat food always, so it is important, we tender equal or higher exercise every day to always help in the faster breakdown of our excessive intakes. Good health is gold

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