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The iPhones 2018 may be cheaper than iPhone X and Siri gets creepier in iOS 12


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iOS 12
iOS 12

The juiciest iPhone news this week.

Apple dished up a heaped portion of iPhone updates to take in at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday last week. But we cannot stop making predictions about iOS 12, the next operating system that we should be expecting on our iPhones, because the truth is out. A new feature called Memoji is include in iOS 12, Siri shortcuts, group FaceTime and lots more. We are also dabbling in a few more rumours about the 2018 iPhones. Here are the iPhone updates for this week.


Memoji for iOS 12: The version of you that is cuter

3D emojis might have been made by Samsung first on the Galaxy S9, but Apple made it cuter. Apple welcomes you to Memoji. It was announced last week and is coming out in fall, you will be able to create a personalized Animoji of yourself on the iOS 12, that’s why it was called Memoji (me-moji).

The new Siri Shortcuts app might know you better than you know yourself. All through your day, the digital assistant by Apple will suggest information and services that it thinks you will be in need if. Siri can now detect upcoming events or behaviours that are repeated and promt certain reminders or actions to help you out. Running late to work? Text your supervisor. Wife’s birthday? Reminded. Of course, now even Siri knows your bad habits. Let’s wait and see if this new development will be truly helpful or outright annoying.

Group FaceTime is now a thing. iOS 12 allows you to FaceTime with up to 32 all at once, and it can be done in the form of and Animoji. The list of updates on iOS 12 continues, from an app that keeps track of the apps hat you are addicted to, to multiplayer AR.

iOS 12 features
iOS 12 features

More affordable iPhones rumoured, but not so many

According to Ming-Chi Kuo a veteran iPhone analyst, at least one of the iPhones in 2018 might be more affordable than the recent iPhone X. So to all those who couldn’t afford to pay $999, you might be lucky. In September, an almost all-screen iPhone might be starting for as low as $600.

Kuo forecast that the iPhone X successor with a 6.5-inch screen and an OLED could still cost between $900 and $1,000, so my advice is to save up.

Even if the 2018 iPhones are relatively going to be cheap, you might not be able to get one, it was reported that Apple will ship 20 percent fewer new-model iPhones this year in comparison with plans as of last year. I think you may have to stand in one of those ridiculously long lines on the day of its release.

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Competition from an old ally

The 2018 Apple iPhone might get some competition from its very own manufacturer. The Taiwan-based manufacturer of the iPhone Foxconn, recently announced that it might build its own brand of products, with the combination of hardware and software services. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, lol.

What else is happening with the new 2018 iPhone:

  • The five most exciting iOS 12 features
  • More iPhone apps could make their way to Macs
  • iOS 12 could turn your AirPods into hearing aids
  • Tim Cook claims that Apple has no access to Facebook users’ data
  • Apple iOS 12 or Google Android P?

Last week’s hottest iPhone news: iPhones might be getting Apple surprise Valve and three cameras

Last week’s iPhone drama was so much, but none of it has to do with the big Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that Apple is putting up this week, or even last week’s Samsung court case. That’s not it, Apple is getting more fire and drawing praise for apps. In addition, the juicy rumours about iPhone screens and a third camera in the future. Here what happened last week.

OLED for all and three cameras

Dual cameras, schmual cameras, what do you think about three cameras? A new report by an analyst speculates the the 2019 iPhone will come with one telephoto lens and two more to create a depth map for AR.

Those three iPhones that are rumoured to be released in 2019 are also suspected to have OLED screens, just like the iPhone X. This screen technology is known for producing rich colour with deep blacks and high contrast.

New iPhones X
New iPhones X

What is the apps?

Who would have ever thought that a doodling app could bring together Android fanboy and bitter iPhone rivals? Just A line is a multiplayer “game” at the heart of Google’s first Android-to-iOS AR experiment. Anybody who has an iOS or Android can collaborate on AR doodles in the same environment. Apps, bringing the world together since 1987.

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Unfortunately, apps don’t always tend to mend relationships, sometimes they tear them apart. Telegram, an instant-messaging app that has been banned in Russia, says that Apple is preventing it from updating its iOS app. Telegram was banned in Russia territory after its founders refused to give out users’ private communication to security agencies in Russia. Co-founder Pavel Durov in a recent statement said that Apple was taking sides with Russia on this dispute over user privacy. Let us hope that we get to the bottom of this.

Another serious issue of breakup: gamers might the heartbroken because Apple has allegedly rejected an app that would allow you to stream PC games to your iPhone or iPad. Apple agreed initially to release Valve’s Steam Link app, but like most relationships, promises do not always pan out.

On Monday, today, Apple will kick off its annual WWDC conference, and after months of rumours, we are dying with suspense and anticipation. iPhone fans will almost certainly preview Apple’s next iPhone software, iOS 12, but meanwhile Apple recently released iOS 11.4. Very exciting! I mean, not as exciting as the iOS 12 will be, but at least now you will be able to save and delete your iMessagses through iCloud. We will go with the win.

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The iPhones 2018 may be cheaper than iPhone X and Siri gets creepier in iOS 12

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