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This how to will help us see how to screenshot on any windows pc

Most times while using our pc we always feel the necessity to Screenshot a page, but most folks don’t know that this feature has been in windows pc for quite a while.
Today, we will see how to make use of this excellent feature.

How to Screenshot in Windows 8 & 10

screen shot with win + prt scr on keyboard

Making a screenshot in this version of windows is pretty easy. To do this, Press the Win + prt Sc keys simultaneously on your keyboard, and the screen will make a shot dim. The screenshot will then be taken and saved in your Screenshot folder under Pictures.

screenshot with snipper tool
snipper tool

How to Screenshot in Windows 7

In Windows 7 it’s a little bit trickery cause the OS doesn’t understand the print screen (prt Sc) key. So to do this press your Win key and search for Snipping tool. When you open the tool, use your mouse to drag over the area you want to be screenshotted and click save. Your screenshot will be saved in your picture folder.

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