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Nengimoto Loko, a 16-year-old student of Bayelsa state, has filed a petition against the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for withholding his JAMB result.

The student who is a former student of Nembe National Grammer School, Bayelsa is known to be a brilliant student and have many awards.

His most recent award is the competition organised by the Bayelsa-based Nengi James foundation where he was honoured with a cash prize and a brand new laptop.

He is also the best student of the secondary schools in Nembe area of Bayelsa state.

Loko, in a petition, addressed to the Registrar of the JAMB, he threatened them that if they failed to release his result, the Civil right groups would sue for damages against his human rights. This petition was filed by his Counsel, Okorodas and Co., which is supported by the Civil Liberties Organisation.

Kenneth Okorodas said his client registration number is 75188026BD with the examination number of C10104003 and his centre number is C10104.

Kenneth Okorodas, the lawyer in charge of the petition further said that the withheld results had caused his client to undergo psychological trauma.

He also said that his client was not found wanting in any examination malpractice or any issue whatsoever.

The petition read thus,

the victim, who is our client, is a brilliant student and a winner of an award with presentation of laptop as best student of Nembe National Grammar School. He was honoured by the Nengi James Foundation.
Sadly, however, the result of our client for the May 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations was not released and without just cause.
Our client was not found guilty of examination malpractices, neither was there any issue reported against our client, yet his result was not released, hence this letter.
We, therefore, humbly demand the release of our client’s result within 21 days upon service of the notice or face stiff legal action

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