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Body odour has a significant role to play in your social life as it can give you a bad name, chase people away from you thereby reducing the number of friends and socialisation. Many people could get fat or soap ten years of your lives than to perceive a smelly odour from your body.

woman with sweat in armpits
woman with sweat in armpits

There are three glands that are responsible for body odour.

The secretion of the apocrine glands (located in the genitals, underarms and around the nipples) and the eccrine glands (found in the underarms, fat and hands) an odour when they came in contact with skin bacteria. Oil generated from the sebaceous glands has a faint odour with or without bacteria.

Visit a physician if the smell persists about underlying disease. The odour can be caused by hyperhidrosis (sweating excessively), and know the kind of antiperspirant to use for your body.

know the antiperspirant that goes for you
know the antiperspirant that goes for you

1. Ask about an antiperspirant prescription. Visit your dermatologist about xeric or Drysol which have a higher concentration of aluminium, not every antiperspirant is good for everybody.

2. Consider electromagnetic therapy, people who have hyperhidrosis, a new process called mirodry is recommended.

There is nothing like “old person smell”, research shows that as we grow, our body chemistry ages along with us. But the good news is that according to a study some recently, people prefer “ old person smell” to grass

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