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The Bang Dada Dang crooner, Speed Darlington who was earlier reported to have made his first 135 dollars in 7 years of making music has now used all of the money, not even a penny left to get himself a new phone which he intends to use to take over the planet.

Speed Darlington buys new phone
Speed Darlington buys new phone
Speed Darlington,the controversial US based Nigerian musician was reported to have ditched his old 84 dollar phone that he used in achieving great things and got himself a new one, and following his statement, he will rule the planet with it.

He said:

Bang Dada Dang! I just bought a new phone with 13MP auto focus main/rear camera. It’s not an iPhone but who cares? iPhone only has a 12MP camera. I became Bang master with an 84 dollar phone. I’m about to rule the world with this phone. Hello, my subjects.

Guess he has made his point clear.

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