Snelling Staffing Services: Legit or Scam? A Honest Review

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Staffing agencies play an important role in helping both job seekers and employers. But with so many options out there, it’s crucial to do your research to find reputable companies.

In this article, we’ll take an honest and detailed look at Snelling Staffing Services to determine whether it’s legit or a scam. Through an in-depth analysis, we’ll evaluate Snelling’s credibility, services, reviews, and more.

I aim to provide a well-researched, fact-based assessment to help you make the best decision for your career goals and needs.

Let’s get started!

Quick Overview of Snelling Staffing Services

Snelling Staffing Services is an American staffing agency founded in 1951 and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With over 600 locations across the United States and Canada, Snelling places job seekers in both temporary and direct hire positions. Some of the major services Snelling offers include:

✅ Temporary and Contract Staffing: Snelling connects candidates with temporary job opportunities across various industries including administrative, light industrial, and professional roles.

✅ Permanent Placement: The agency assists both candidates and clients with direct hire/permanent placement needs by vetting candidates and negotiating competitive salary and benefits packages.

✅ Payroll Services: For clients that utilize Snelling to handle their payroll functions, Snelling handles tax filings, pays employees, and addresses payroll-related questions.

✅ Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Snelling’s RPO solutions help companies outsource some or all hiring functions like sourcing candidates, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews.

✅ On-Site Management: Snelling employees can be placed onsite at client locations to directly oversee day-to-day staffing needs and implement hiring strategies.

With decades of experience in the industry, Snelling delivers staffing solutions tailored to a wide variety of industries and positions at both large enterprises and small businesses.

Let’s examine whether Snelling delivers on these services as promised.

Industry Recognition & Credentials

When evaluating a staffing agency, looking into their industry reputation, certifications, and regulatory compliance is important. Let’s go over what we found about Snelling Staffing Services’ standing.

Snelling is accredited by the Professional Staffing Industry Certification (PSIC) program, which requires compliance with rigorous standards for things like equity, worker protection, and transparency.

They maintain an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and have been a BBB member since 2002 with no unresolved complaints on file.

Snelling holds Master Certification in the Department of Transportation’s Substance Abuse Professional Program. Staffing Industry Analysts consistently ranks Snelling among the top staffing firms nationally and regionally.

They’ve received recognition for being a Top Workplace from numerous local/regional publications over the years. Regulatory bodies like the U.S. Department of Labor and State Departments of Labor show no records of significant violations against Snelling.

These accreditations, recognition programs, and lack of complaints suggest Snelling has established itself as an industry leader that takes compliance seriously.

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Their certifications also mean strict policies are in place to protect workers. Overall, the credentials check out positively.

Snelling Staffing Reviews & Ratings

To get a sense of real customers’ experiences, we analyzed Snelling Staffing Services reviews across various third-party sites:

Google Reviews

With over 1,800 Google reviews, Snelling maintains a solid 4.4/5 star rating. Positive comments frequently mentioned Snelling’s professionalism, flexibility in finding work, and helping candidates gain direct hire positions. Complaints were minimal and centered around long hold times or lack of available positions at times.


Snelling’s Indeed employer profile has a 3.5/5 rating from over 1,000 current and former employees. Praise centered on work-life balance, adequate training, and opportunity for career growth. Negatives pointed to low pay at times and lack of advancement opportunities without a degree.


Snelling’s Glassdoor reviews averaged 3.4/5 from 300+ ratings. Strengths included competitive benefits, good relationships with clients/recruiters, and supportive work environment. Weaknesses involved occasional turnover and bureaucratic processes. No systemic issues were reported.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

As mentioned before, the BBB gives Snelling its top A+ rating. Only 3 complaints were logged in 3 years, all of which were responded to and resolved by Snelling. Overall, the company maintains a positive customer satisfaction level.

Taking all reviews together, Snelling seems to satisfy the vast majority of both job seekers and clients by delivering on its core promises.

While not perfect, issues don’t indicate systemic problems and appear typical of large staffing agencies. Snelling also addresses concerns raised effectively.

Snelling Staffing Services Competitors

No company operates in a vacuum, so understanding how Snelling compares to competitors provides useful context:

Adecco – One of the largest global staffing firms, Adecco delivers a similar breadth of services but has a more extensive international presence.

Robert Half – Known best for professional/office staffing, Robert Half places accountants, engineers, IT professionals, and more.

ManpowerGroup – As the world’s largest staffing firm, ManpowerGroup handles complex large-scale workforce needs for enterprise clients.

Kelly Services – Provides both staffing and outsourcing solutions across industries like science, engineering, education, etc.

Aerotek – A leading technical staffing agency focused on engineering, manufacturing, aerospace/defense, and IT roles.

Insight Global – Specializes in placing IT professionals, accounting/finance talent, and marketing/creative services candidates.

The key differences are Snelling’s regional focus within the U.S./Canada versus global footprints, and narrower specialization compared to larger generalist firms. So it competes well within its scope.

Snelling Staffing Services Pricing & Fees

To get a sense of affordability, here’s an overview of Snelling’s pricing structure:

Temporary Employees: Hourly bill rates incorporate markup percentages above the employee’s actual pay rate. Markups range 15-25% depending on position/skills.

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Direct Hires: No placement fee for clients. Candidates typically are not charged, though some positions may carry a nominal fee of 100-250 to process paperwork if placed.

Payroll Services: Hourly processing fees ($1-2 per person) plus other negotiated costs based on number of employees, services provided, customizations, etc. Quotes provided upfront.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Fees structured various ways like flat monthly retainers plus transactional fees for things like each recruitment cycle. Quotes on a custom basis.

Compared to competitors, Snelling’s pricing through markups and fees is standard across the staffing industry and often lower than larger global agencies.

They also provide estimates quickly upon request. So from a cost perspective, Snelling seems reasonably priced.

Better Business Bureau Complaints

No company is perfect, so we dug deeper into any identified issues by examining Snelling’s BBB complaint profiles:

In the last 3 years, only 3 complaints were filed, well below the industry average. All complaints were related to failure to fill job orders in a timely manner or lack of availability of certain positions promised.

Snelling addressed each complaint directly with the BBB and complainants reported being satisfied with the resolution. No complaints mentioned financial loss, contract non-fulfillment, or other serious accusations of wrongdoing.

Considering Snelling’s sizable scale, a complaint rate this low (under 0.0002% of estimated clients served) suggests minimal customer dissatisfaction.

Responses indicate a willingness to resolve concerns, another positive sign. Overall, the complaints showed no systemic issues or red flags.

Snelling Staffing Employment Reviews

To get a sense of employment quality from insiders, we checked professional social platforms:


Many current and former Snelling employees highlighted career growth opportunities via promotions and skills acquired through on-the-job training. Benefits, mentorship programs, and professional development resources drew praise.


Ex-employees commended work culture, health insurance, paid time off, 401K matching. Complaints involved disorganization, high employee turnover in some local branches, and poor career trajectories without a degree. But no reports of unethical practices surfaced.


Workers liked steady paychecks, flexible schedules, and gaining direct industry experience through temporary roles. Negatives centered around temporary nature of work, long hours at times, and aggressive sales-focused office environments. Nothing suggested systematic mistreatment.

Overall, these platforms paint Snelling as providing stable, respectable jobs for many who work there. While a staffing role has inherent challenges, Snelling appears committed to developing talent through resources and advancement when possible.

Final Verdict – Is Snelling Staffing Services Legit or a Scam?

After an extensive analysis considering feedback from thousands of customers, regulators, competitors, and employees, here’s our conclusion on whether Snelling Staffing Services is legit or a scam:

Snelling Staffing Services is a legitimate and reputable staffing agency.

While no company is perfect, our research found Snelling to be trustworthy and committed to delivering on its core services for both job seekers and business clients.

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Multiple industry accreditations, positive reviews from the vast majority of users, and a proven track record demonstrate Snelling operates ethically.

Snelling seems to satisfy customers by finding qualified candidates for open roles and helping individuals secure gainful employment through its broad network.

Issues that some reported could be improved were typical minor problems rather than signs of malpractice or deception. Complaint rates were negligible.

Compared to mega-staffing agency competitors, Snelling competes effectively by providing similar professional solutions and opportunities.

Pricing is transparent and standard across the industry. Employees also tended to view Snelling positively overall despite some localized hiccups reported.

So in summary, Snelling Staffing Services appears to be a legitimate workforce solutions provider with no credible evidence uncovered to suggest it is a scam.

For both individual career seekers and businesses looking for reputable staffing support, Snelling delivers as promoted for the vast majority of users.

FAQs About Snelling Staffing Services

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: How long has Snelling Staffing Services been in business?

A: Snelling Staffing Services has been operating since 1948, making it one of the longest-standing staffing agencies in the U.S.

Q: What types of positions or industries does Snelling specialize in?

A: Snelling places candidates across many sectors including office/administrative, light industrial, healthcare, engineering/skilled trades and information technology. However, they do not specialize in specific functions.

Q: How does Snelling’s pay, benefits and policies compare to competitors?

A: Snelling offers typical pay rates, benefits (health insurance, PTO etc.) and workplace policies consistent with large national staffing firms. Their packages are standard across the industry.

Q: Can Snelling help someone find a permanent job, not just temporary roles?

A: Yes, in addition to temporary and project staffing, Snelling also assists both candidates and clients with direct-hire/permanent placement needs through their recruitment services.

Q: What is the process for being placed by Snelling for a job?

A: Typically, applicants submit a profile on Snelling’s website and are then screened/interviewed by a local branch. If a match is made, Snelling would refer the candidate to clients directly or place them in available temporary roles.

Q: Does Snelling charge candidates any fees for its services?

A: Snelling does not typically charge standard job seekers fees to use their staffing services. However, some specialized positions may carry a nominal application fee of $100-250.

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