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Back pain is a common early morning problem that most people face. This often happens when you are sleeping on odd and wrong positions, which will increase the pain you will be experiencing at your back. As we know, we spend one-third of our life sleeping, therefore if our sleeping position is not right for a long time, we can sustain chronic problem and severe body pains.

Sleeping positions that prevent back pains
Sleeping positions that prevent back pains

There are also some positions you should avoid to prevent or lessen your back pain.

Below are a few sleeping positions to avoid.

1. Sleeping on the stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is a bad position as it will create stress in the lower back and along the spine. If you sleep in this position, you can take the measure of placing your pillow under the pelvis to lessen the pain and give extra support to your body. Although this is not the best way to prevent back pain. Sleeping on your back is advisable the most natural position to sleep.

2. Sleep with fetal position

This is a common position to sleep especially for women. It is just how the baby is placed in the womb. Your back will be curled, and your legs will be bent on an extreme angle this will cause strain on your muscles, causing soreness or stiffness. If you sleep like this, then you may require a specially made pillow that can help you lessen your muscle stress and can support your body weight.

If you are suffering from back pains from your sleeping position, below are the best two sleeping positions for you.

1. Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is the most common sleeping position and also the most natural sleeping position. Your body can lay on the bed fully and out. The back, the neck and the pelvis can support all the weight of your body. This is only one issue involved in this sleeping position, which is to be sure that your mattress is in a good position.
Do not use a slump mattress because it will bend your sleeping position and make your lower back pain you

2. Sleeping on your side

This position is useful for lessening your back pain. With the aid of a correct pillow your head, your spine, and your neck can all align in a good position. If you are sleeping on your side, the use of a knee pillow is good to enhance the support. Side sleeping is a good sleeping position because it keeps the spine straight and it prevents your spine from relaxing into a curl that will create strain and lead to back pain.

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