Premium Tutorials Importation Business Secret to Importation Business In Nigeria -Guide 101

Secret to Importation Business In Nigeria -Guide 101


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I want to share you the top secret that most people don’t know about importation business in Nigeria.

I called it secrets to importation business in Nigeria -guide 101 because it covers all the basic requirement you need before embarking on the journey of importing goods from abroad.

If you have come across top internet marketers and get to know their pricing for premium information like this, believe me, you will value the knowledge am about sharing to you free of charge.

I have been doing this importation business for more than 4 years now and I must assure you that it has been favourable all this while. And this is why I decided to share it to you guys free of charge. Though I spent a lot trying to get knowledge, now I don’t want to be selfish again. I want all reading this post today to come back tomorrow and tell me about his/her success story.

So let us get started
First, we will start by getting acquainted with the terms involved.

  • Importation: This is the process of buying goods (items) from other countries different from yours. And countries like China, US, and the UK are good places to starting place.
    The business aspect of it is that you can really make a living from this. It may be easy to say to yourself that it is not easy to make a living from this, possibly because you may be thinking that the business is only reserved for the riches and middle-class men with initial capital. But here and Now, I retract your statement to make you understand that even with the least capital you have, you can still venture into the big boys business of the year. This is a very lucrative business because you can even make as much as 400% from a single product or item you purchased irrespective of the price you got the product. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Shipping: This is the process of getting your goods from the seller down to your country. Some sellers do offer free shipping while for some items you may have to pay for the shipping fee.
  • Cart: This is just like the basket you pickup at the supermarket while shopping. You select the items and add them to the cart. Just like the supermarket, after adding to cart, you proceed to check out.
  • Order: This is when you have successfully made payment of your items added to cart.
  • Payment Method: It involves all the payment methods which the E-commerce store accepts. Some of the payment methods include; Wired Transfer, Debit card, Credit Card, Wallet payment, Bitcoin. Buyers choose suitable method of payment from their list.
  • Escrow: This is a service rendered by most e-commerce companies which enables a safe keeping of your shopping funds in a single wallet (middle man) until both the buyer and the seller finalizes terms of purchase.

What is required of this business
Just like any business has its basic requirement, importation business also do have its own requirement. So before we emback on the journey of Importation Business In Nigeria, we shall be needing the following

  • An internet connection from our mobile internet provider like MTN, Glo, 9moble if you are in Nigeria.
  • Then a Smartphone or laptop is required to be able to carry out this business since we are buying from countries different from ours, we are not seeing the seller, neither is the seller seeing we the buyer as well.
  • Also, you will be required to have little knowledge of internet banking. You need to have a working MasterCard or a Visa card. Below is the list of Banks you can easily make use of their cards to complete your dollar payments online after placing your orders without hitches and their exchange rate as of the time of this write-up.

Bank exchange rates as of today
Gtbank………………………………………N367 per dollar
Union Bank………………………………..…N361 per dollar
Ecobank……………………………………..N375 per dollar
UBA………………………………………..…N372 per dollar
F.C.M.B………………………………………N380 per dollar
Access Bank………………………………….Null
Fidelity Bank…………………………..……N375 per dollar
Zenith Bank…………………………..…….N393 per dollar


Having known this, let us start right away.
Like I said earlier, you can import goods from China, US, UK etc. we will start from the first one on the list, so I will walk you through all you will need to know in other to import goods from China. Why I wanted to make this your first lesson is because as a beginner buying from China is the best place to start from -you get goods at an amazing price and also run no risk of losing your money along the line.

There are many Chinese sites to buy goods from. Sites like; Aliexpress, Gearbest, Dhgate, Rosegal, saralovelyhome, etc. though the process involved are same in this post, I will base all my explanations on aliexpress. Although, in my subsequent posts about importations, I shall also be taken into consideration other china companies just like the ones mentioned above that works best like aliexpress and you can even get products, even more, cheaper and in-depth to compare the former. So for the purpose of learning and been up to date with my subsequent premium articles on importation, I will advise that you bookmark this page and also activate email notifications so you don’t get blanked out.


101 secret to Importation Business In Nigeria
Aliexpress homepage

Aliexpress is an online e-Commerce based in China. Their website is an interesting feature about this site is that it offers Escrow services so your money is always in safe hands -that is if the goods didn’t get delivered to you, aliexpress will make a full refund of your money directly back to your bank account. Also, you can get your items at a low price thereby allowing you to make a high profit while selling this product. As an amateur in the field of Importation, I will advise that you focus more on this company before you seeking for more companies. Importation Business In Nigeria is a lucrative business that even a secondary school child can venture into with Aliexpress.

First thing first..

101 secret to Importation Business In Nigeria
Aliexpress page


101 secret to Importation Business In Nigeria
aliexpress account creation page

To get started, let’s create an account with them so that we can be able to manage our orders, messages and our carts as well. If you are using a smartphone I suggest you also get their app downloaded to your phone through the app store or play store.

To create an account, log on to their website and on the top right corner, you will see sign in select on it and then click join free. Then fill in your required details and click on Create your account once you have successfully created your account you will be automatically redirected to aliexpress homepage. REMEMBER; a confirmation mail will be sent to your email for account verification, do not forget to verify your membership as soon as you are done registering on the website.

Created account….what’s next

101 secret to Importation Business In Nigeria
setting up shipping location

It’s time to set it up. So navigate to your account again and this time click on my shipping address and update your shipping address with your location so that Aliexpress will be able to ship your goods to your nearest location. Also, put your number so as to allow your shipping agent be able to contact you when your goods land in their office.

NOTE: do not make mistake in this field as any mistake can make you not to receive your goods.

What next….Let’s start buying

101 secret to Importation Business In Nigeria
buying product

In the aliexpress homepage, you can use the search bar to search for products that you want to buy or use the category option to search for items you want to buy. Always search for items that the seller is offering free shipping as this will save a lot of money for you while still getting the same quality products.

After selecting the items you want you can add them to cart to pay for them later or you click on buy now. If you selected buy now the page will take you to where you will select the location where you want the item to get shipped to. Then you should select the shipping location that you’ve created earlier.

If you are confused about any item or need clarification feel free to contact the seller via the message option, It is always good to add the product to cart first then contact the seller about any issue or if you want to bargain.

Making payment
Make your payment using your bank debit card (ATM). Aliexpress accept both naira MasterCard or Visa card. You can reference back to the payment methods I listed above to know the estimate of your bank charges to naira. So if you have any of this cards, you can use it right away. You can also make payment with your Bitcoin as well, in fact, it’s even better because you won’t be restricted to the payment limit.

When your payment process is completed wait patiently so that aliexpress will process and confirm your payment. This may take time from 24 hours to 48 hours.

The seller will then ship your goods and give you are tracking number. You will use the tracking number to know the status of your goods and when it reaches your post office.
If you did a free shipping method, your goods might take time to reach to the post office nearest to you from 2 weeks to 2 months. But you can also pay for shipping if you are buying items that are a bit expensive like phones, tablets, laptops, auto parts, etc. especially if you buy from one seller it will be a lot easier to ship it down to your nearest location. One best shipping agent that I always use is base1 international. They’ve been the best so far.

I shall be updating us on where and how you can market your product here in Nigeria even without having a physical store. This article will be very well defined, so I will be taken my time to work on this. Personally, you may find it difficult to believe that I have been doing this business for 4years now without a physical store. So stay tuned for more updates.

Need special assistance?
Not to worry, am always available to assist you through consultation. Here is my official WhatsApp number: 08137587457

Secret to importation business -Guide 102

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Do not forget to bookmark this page and also activate the email notification so you always get my upcoming business articles first as am updating. With NaijLand, your success in the line of importation is assured. Just be dedicated and you shall smile.

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