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Secret to importation business -Guide 102


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Hello, everyone, am delighted to have you back on our free importation guide classes. If you are on the miss, please read up our last week class on importation guide 101. Which covered everything necessary to embark on importation business and also how to successfully buy goods from China.
If you have done so already, then let us roll for today’s class.
A lot of guys out there have been emailing me about how they can buy goods from sites like Amazon, eBay or Wallmart and if the process involved in buying from China is also applicable I those sites.

Well, today am going to teach you all you need to know about buying goods from any American or UK sites. We are all aware that buying items like cosmetics, Human hair, laptops, tablets, Smartphones…you name them are all readily available on Amazon and eBay. But the constraint that we all have is that unlike Aliexpress where you buy the item and have it shipped down to you even free, you cant do such when it comes to shopping from Amazon or eBay for example. But today am going to remove all these constraints from you by teaching you ways you can use to buy your goods successfully from US or UK and have it shipped to your doorstep at still affordable prices.

For clarity sake, am going to use Amazon as an example throughout this post though the methods are same for any e-commerce shop based either in America, United Kingdom, Canada, India etc.

How do we do it
Because those sites don’t support buying directly from them, we have a legitimate way of making a purchase from these sites. So to do this, we make our purchase through

MyUS is a shipping company that does more than shipping your goods to you but helps you all through your purchases. How? MyUS helps you buy the item you want and then use their office in abroad as shipping location where your item is received by them and then gets shipped to you anywhere in the world. Therefore MyUS breaks that barrier that we can’t buy from anywhere we want. And another interesting thing about MyUS is that it is hassle-free because they help you all the way until your goods get delivered to your doorsteps.

So let’s get started

naijland importation business
First of all, we need to have an account with them in other to make any transaction with them. So we will create an account. To do this let’s visit their website at sign up with them to be given an address. Then choose your membership type.

For the membership types, there are 3 options to choose from. You can choose standard membership (marked 2) if you only want to be buying things once in a while. That is you are planning on buying things for your personal use from the USA. With it you do not pay any monthly fees and set up fee is $10.

importation business

Although it appears cheap, it has its disadvantages; for example, the personal shopper’s cost is higher, and it’s shipping rate is higher than other membership types also your package can only spend 3days in your suite before you will be charged $1/ day for each day it spent at before shipping.

For me, I use premium which cost $27 to set up though you will be paying $7 afterwards. This membership type has so many advantages. Like;

For me, I use premium which cost $27 to set up though you will be paying $7 afterwards. This membership type has so many advantages. Like;
• Reduction of your personal shopper’s fee
• package spending up to a month in your suite
• very cheap shipping fees
• You get to buy many things at different times with this account

naijland importation buisness

Fill out the form shown above. You must also fill your correct home address, that is the address you have on your bank debit card. This is to help save you from a lot of stress from Nigerian agencies like NDLEA that normally checks your packages when it comes to Nigeria. Though you don’t have to fear because they are only interested in verifying that you own the package and that you did not fraud anyone. Also, you will be requested to provide a proof of ownership of package, once you submit a government-issued ID card, e.g. national id card or drivers license, your bank debit card with your name on it and your proof of purchase from, your goods will be released to you. You won’t even need to go to their office; you just have to forward it to DHL who will do that on your behalf. Another reason is that DHL will bring your package to that registered address unless you instructed myus otherwise when requesting for shipment.

After inputting all details, click on the next page, there you will input your bank details, just fill the form out.

I have used GTB debit card with myus, I know other major banks’ card should be acceptable, banks like fidelity, zenith, FirstBank e.t.c

During setup, a certain amount of money will be deducted from your account, myus will ask you for the specific amount so as to verify that you own the bank details that were provided by you. To do this, find the current exchange rate of a dollar to naira for that day and convert the amount deducted from your account to dollars and give them.

If you are successful, you will get a welcome message in your inbox like the one shown below:

To shop in the USA, I buy goods from,,,, e.t.c. Like I said earlier I will be Amazon throughout this post as an example. This is what Amazon homepage looks like

If you want to be more creative, you can click on ready to shop? In your myus account, they will give you a list of different shops to buy from.

Having known that….let’s shop
On Amazon, we can search for items using 2 different methods; there is a space provided for searches above or you can simply click on the shop by the department as shown.

naijland importation business
So let’s assume I want to buy iPhone 8
Type Apple iPhone 8  in the space provided for search and clicked on search

naijland importation business
Because iPhone 8 is still relatively newly released, all the iPhones will still be in their new condition.

I have identified the one I am interested in, which is the one of $914.98. I will click on it
Clicking on the product that I like, it will take you to the seller’s shop where you will see features and specs of the iPhone and also be able to compare it as well. Also just like we learnt in our guide 101 we should always look out for items with free shipping.
To save myus personal shopper’s cost, click on the seller’s name or see other items as shown in the picture above. It will take you to the seller’s page where you will see all other items from the same seller.

When you buy many items from the same seller, myus will charge the standard $10 fees + a token on each new item. So I ensure buying many things from the same seller as this reduces myus cost.

For example, Imagine sending someone to Ikeja in Lagos to buy a phone for you, you will give the person a transport fare. Imagine sending the same person to Alaba to buy a television, you will have to give the person another transport fare to get to Alaba. Isn’t it?
Now imagine that the person can just buy both the television and phone in Ikeja, will you have to pay double transport fare? NO… so this is how this works with myus personal shopper.

Placing an order

Open, log into your account and click on personal shopper

Click on auction site on the next page and you will have a form
I am buying an iPhone 8 from

After filling all the necessary requirements, click on add to shopping cart.
It will add your item to the cart and give you the form to fill for another item assuming that you are buying from the same seller. The seller’s name would have already been filled for you. If you are not buying from the same seller again, fill the form afresh and ensure you change the seller ID.

After filling the form, click on checkout.
Leave shipping cost as $0.00 since it is free shipping. Click on next,

Click on place order…that’s all. Mail will be sent to your inbox confirming your order. You can also click on personal shopper order history.

Once you have items in your inbox, click on send my package, unfortunately, I don’t have any package to send as I am writing this. Once you click on send my package, it will show some options for packaging instructions. You can do this up by going to shipping preferences. You really don’t need to change anything in your shipping preferences except if you want to give special instructions. If your address is untraceable or you feel that it will be more convenient for you to pick up the package at any DHL office close to you, when requesting for shipment, you should put the recipient’s address as in care of DHL, that DHL address and you can walk into the office to pick up the package when it arrives Nigeria.
Once you have placed a shipment request, it will be processed that same day and you will be provided with a tracking link in your email address or you can simply go to order history to get the link

Within 3-4 days your item is going to land in DHL office in Nigeria. And whoa you just made your first order from Amazon and you are now ready to start up your dreams of being an importer in the country.

There’s a lot involved in buying goods from abroad but there are also more involved in selling this item as soon as possible so as to be able to make another trip. You know the more you sale the more you make profit and the more your business grows.
So next week we are going to discuss the most efficient way to market your products for maximum profit and quick sale. Stay tuned and i will see you soon.

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