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Ever been in a situation where you are being interviewed for your dream job and because of anxiety you flop? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have few ways you can relax your mind in seconds.

Relax your mind
Relax your mind

You have to know the importance of a relaxed mind first.
1. If your mind is not relaxed, concentration on anything is not possible. If you can’t concentrate on anything, you learning anything is not feasible, and you can’t do any work correctly. With this, you can’t make progress in anything.
2. If your mind is not relaxed, things will always go wrong.
3. If your mind is not relaxed, your health, wealth, family, work, education, etc. may suffer a lot.
Hence, one must be mentally relaxed at all time.
Naturally, we are meant to be relaxed all the time, and it encourages good physical and mental health. A relaxed mind increases the functioning of the immune system as well as the digestive and respiratory system. A relaxed mind also improves your relationship with other people.

A relaxed mind improves your relationship with others
A relaxed mind improves your relationship with others

The first thing to do in other to relax your mind is to breathe. Yes, you are already breathing, but how are you doing it? Is your breath slow and deep or fast and shallow? The point is to be conscious of your breath and get into a slow and deep rhythmic flow, breathing through your energy centre, located right below your navel. You can try putting your hand below your belly button and feel your lower abdominal going up and down, breathe in deep through your nose, let it last for four seconds, hold the breath for some time, then breathe through your mouth, become aware of your body and release the tension you are feeling.
This is the greatest solution to relax your mind in seconds.

Inhale, exhale
Inhale, exhale

Another way to relax your mind in seconds is to find a perfect calm music to follow up your breathing. Binaural harmonics is highly recommended for this exercise. When you listen to this meditative sound through headphones, it produces different tones in each ear. Your brain then creates a third beat called the Binaural beat. Our two brain hemispheres become in synch when listening to this binaural beat which gives way to reaching a relaxation state.
If you are in search of how to relax your mind in seconds, this is a speedy and efficient manner to doing so.

 binaunal beat gives way to reaching a relaxed state
binaural beat gives way to reaching a relaxed state


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