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Most reactions of Nigerians over Pastor’s visit to Buhari in London is uncalled for. Instead, of acknowledging and applauding for the man of God for given the President a second opportunity to receive Jesus into his life; they preferred to praise the London Protesters on the actions they took against the President in the name of salvaging their homeland.

Reactions of Nigerians
Social Media Gossip about Buhari

Many said that the President is wasting the country’s money on illness he may never recover from. And at the same time, the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God left his congregations and went to see a lifeless President -they considered it also as a waste of church’s fund. The same way other politicians here in the country has been using Buhari’s ailment to jeopardise the country’s money in the cause of visiting the President. felt so sorry for the feedback gotten from the citizens of the country over the President’s predicament. It might be anyone tomorrow. Even though it’s the citizens right to talk as everyone has the constitutional right of speech, Buhari is still our President and deserves to be treated as such with respect.

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Where there are haters, there exist counter lovers. Thank God the President still have lovers that belief in him, As the haters in numbers where criticising on the social networks regarding the visitation of the Pastor, the naturally counter lovers of the President still stood beside him in defence irrespective of how little they were in number.

We are happy to announce to the general public that the President shall be returning back to Nigeria, from London before 5pm today as the news have it here, according to Femi Adesina.

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