Is Prepear Scam or Legit? An In-Depth Look at

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In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the meal planning and grocery shopping app called Prepear to determine whether it is a scam or a legitimate service worth using.

If you read till the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what Prepear is, how it works, its key features and benefits, pricing, and what real users are saying about their experiences with the app.

Let’s get started.

What is Prepear?

Prepear is a meal planning and grocery shopping app that aims to help users save recipes, create meal plans, generate grocery lists, and shop online for groceries from major retailers like Walmart.

It was launched in 2015 and has grown to support over 300,000 recipes from various sources that users can save, organize, and utilize for meal planning and food shopping purposes.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices so it can be used on smartphones and tablets.

Once users sign up for a free account, they gain access to Prepear’s full suite of meal planning, recipe organization, and grocery shopping tools designed to simplify home cooking and food shopping.

Key Features of Prepear

Here are some of the main features and capabilities provided by the Prepear app:

Save and Organize Recipes – Users can save recipes from within the app, from the web by using the “Collect Web Recipes” feature, or by manually adding their own recipes. The recipes can then be organized into personalized cookbooks for easy access.

Discover New Recipes – Prepear has a database of over 300,000 recipes that users can browse, save, add to meal plans, and utilize. This helps users get new recipe ideas and expand their repertoire.

Create Meal Plans – The app makes it simple to add recipes to custom meal plans that can be generated for a week, month, or other time period. Users can plan meals, add notes, and rearrange the schedule.

Automated Grocery Lists – From the generated meal plan, Prepear automatically builds a comprehensive shopping list with all required ingredients. Users can modify the items or check off what they already have.

Online Grocery Shopping – Saved lists can be sent directly to major retailers like Walmart for online grocery shopping and delivery or pickup of items.

Cook Mode View – A simplified “Cook Mode” splits recipes and directions to make following recipes easier while cooking. Ingredients can be checked off as they’re added.

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Adjustable Servings – Recipes allow for easily adjusting serving sizes to fit the number of people being cooked for.

User Friendly Interface – The app utilizes an intuitive and clean interface optimized for mobile use during meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking sessions.

This covers the core functionality of Prepear as a meal planning and grocery management app. But is it really a scam, or does it deliver on its promises? Let’s examine user experiences next.

What Users Are Saying About Prepear

To determine if Prepear is legit or a scam, I researched what actual users are saying about their experiences using the service through app store reviews and online forums. Here’s a summary of common feedback:

Positive Reviews

  • Many appreciate how well the app streamlines meal planning, grocery lists, and food shopping into one convenient platform. The integration helps people save time and money.
  • The large recipe database and ability to organize favorites is a big benefit according to frequent home cooks and meal preparers.
  • Users compliment the thoughtfully designed interface that makes tasks like cooking easier via the split-screen “Cook Mode” view.
  • Customer service responds quickly to help resolve any issues via the in-app support channel.

Negative Reviews

  • Some note occasional bugs or crashes, but also acknowledge prompt fixes from software updates. No major defects reported.
  • A few wish for more grocery store/retailer partners beyond the current offerings of Walmart and AmazonFresh.
  • The inability to manually enter item quantities for recipes is a requested feature by several reviewers.
  • It can take time to organize a large recipe library at first, as with any collection-based app.

Overall, the positive reviews far outweighed any complaints. No users reported the app as being an outright “scam” and most credited it with delivering real value as a meal planning solution.

The few minor issues mentioned seem normal for any evolving tech product and are being addressed over time. So based on actual consumer feedback, Prepear is clearly a legitimate service.

Comparing Prepear Plans and Pricing

Prepear offers both free and paid subscription plans to access different features and capabilities:

Free Plan: Gives full access to basic recipe saving, meal planning for a week at a time, grocery list creation, and cooking assistance tools. A good option to try the core app.

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Prepear Gold: $5.99/month or $49.99/year

  • All free features plus ability to plan meals for up to a full month at once
  • Ad-free cooking mode for an uninterrupted cooking experience
  • Customizable nutrition data tracking while planning meals
  • Unlimited storage for recipes and collections
  • Weekly meal and shopping planner templates
  • Discounts on select products from retailers

Prepear Pro: Pricing varies by retailer

  • Business and content creation tools for chefs, cooking brands and publishers
  • Monetize recipes and collections on the Prepear app marketplace
  • Advanced analytics on recipe and collection performance
  • Customized support from Prepear partnerships team

The paid plans are reasonably priced for enhanced functionality that provides more value for serious home cooks or food publishers and brands. Both the free and paid options seem like legitimate offerings without hidden fees or tricks.

Is Prepear Really Worth Using?

After analyzing Prepear’s features, user reviews and pricing models – here’s my take on whether or not it is worth signing up for:

If you struggle with meal planning, grocery shopping, or wasting food due to lack of organization – Prepear can absolutely help save both time and money.

Home cooks who enjoy exploring new recipes will get good value from the database and collection aspects to expand their cooking skills.

Busy families can simplify their weeknight cooking routine through Prepper’s integrated planning features in one place.

Anyone can benefit from the intuitive cooking assistance on mobile devices while following recipes step-by-step.

With no major reported defects, the risks seem low compared to the potential rewards for those seeking help with cooking or shopping tasks.

Even just trying the free version allows seeing if Prepear fits your needs before committing to a paid subscription.

So in summary – if streamlining meal planning, grocery shopping, recipe exploration or cooking assistance could help improve your home meal routine – then Prepear is likely worth signing up for.

The tools provide real functionality without being a scam, as proven by satisfied user reviews.

The free option gives you nothing to lose in trying the platform’s core features to see if it’s a good fit. And for heavy users of the app, subscribing delivers enhanced benefits for a reasonable price.

Bottom line is, Prepear seems like a very legitimate service that can provide true value.

Should You Subscribe to Prepear Gold or Pro?

For users who find the basic Prepear tools helpful, the question becomes whether upgrading to a paid subscription makes sense for their specific situation:

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Meal Planning for a Whole Month: If regularly planning further out than a week at a time would help streamline your cooking schedule, Gold gives more advanced planning capabilities.

Ad-Free Cooking: No ads or distractions allows truly focusing on cooking for people bothered by promotions during food prep sessions.

Customized Nutrition Data: Useful for special diets and tracking macros/calories while cooking for wellness goals or conditions.

Unlimited Storage is ideal for those with very large recipe collections to organize or who add custom recipes frequently.

Discounts could help offset the subscription cost depending on regular spend at featured retailers.

For serious food businesses, brands and publishing platforms using Prepear for monetization – the Pro plan enables advanced audience growth and ROI tracking tools to scale operations.

So in summary – if your cooking routine makes significant use of Prepear’s advanced features, a paid subscription delivers enhanced functionality that saves more time than the low annual or monthly cost. Otherwise, the free version covers basic needs. It depends on individual needs.

Final Thoughts on Prepear

To summarize the findings of this in-depth review of Prepear: It is clearly a legitimate service delivering on its promises as a meal planning and grocery management app based on verified user reviews.

The features work as advertised to streamline tasks like recipe organization, meal creation, grocery lists and cooking assistance. Both free and paid subscription plans are reasonably priced without hidden fees or exaggerated claims.

For frequent home cooks, meal preparers or busy households – Prepear can provide real value in saving time and reducing food waste or overspending. Even just trying the free features incurs little risk to see if the tools fit your needs before upgrading.

So in conclusion – Prepear is not a scam, but rather an effective tech solution worth considering if the integrated meal planning and grocery shopping services align with how you like to manage your home cooking routines. Both casual and serious users can get benefits from this easy-to-use app.

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