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A lot of youths out there today has chosen playing football as a career other than education. Reason be it because of the luxurious life of every successful footballer.
Why won’t the youth think so when an average successful footballer earns roughly a million dollars every week, while a first class graduate here in Nigeria takes a lifetime to gather up a million dollar if at all he would. Nevertheless, education is the key. We study to be enlightened and also know how to be successful. But we end up managing successful men’s wealth and get paid. This is the bitter truth here in Nigeria.
Today we bring you the latest gist in the football industry. Austin Jay Jay Okocha, the Nigeria legend of football and the chairman of Delta state FA, recently celebrates his success in the football industry as he was also celebrating his 44th birthday.

Here are the stunning pictures of Jay Jay Okocha’s latest sports car which he reserved for his birthday celebration. He is a lucky man. He worked hard. Now he’s reaping his seeds. Playing football as a career

football as a career
When you make money; you chop money. Okocha is actually on money
Football as a career
okorocha and wife still on the 44th Birthday celebration
football as a career
Okorocha and wife after merriment

Kanu Nwankwo is another legend you can’t skip without mentioning his name in the Nigeria football industry. The story of this great men is one in which even a 9year old boy currently in Nigeria know about. We shall bring you a detailed history of these two legends in a classified manner in our upcoming posts.

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Not to deviate from the gist; I wish to ask the young youths who choose footballing as a career because of the millions of dollars and pounds footballers earn on a routine without much input in regards to labour; ‘how do you tend to achieve this?’ Do you think Jay Okocha realised this sleeping? Abeg, stop been lazy or acting lazy. Go back to school; and at the same time, keep on striving for your career -you can’t do without education. So stop comparing the earnings of a first class graduate to an average footballer. The end justifies the means; final’s verdict

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