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Prof. Yemi Osibanjo SAN, the Vice President of Nigeria during a Literary Event tagged ‘Activating success’ with Love Idoko and presentation of a compendium ‘Celebrating 100 Episode’ which took place on Saturday 16th September 2017 has said that Nigeria is a country which is filled with an endless flow of talents.

Linda Idoko, Activating Success
Linda Idoko, Activating Success

Prof. Yemi Osibanjo said he is happy and acknowledge how everybody turned up to motivate and encourage the youth. He also said he is happy at not just the potential of the country but also because the country cannot fail.

Osibanjo said:

I am just fascinated not just by the potential of this country but the fact that there is no way this country can fail, the calibre of persons who graced the event was a reflection of the saying that what you sow you reap. If you sow encouragement and help others to succeed you reap from it.

The Vice-President in the event said that he is proud of the Nation Nigeria and he hopes the country will be a great nation.

He said this in the broadcast-to-print works of Love Idoko, a young Nigerians.

He further said the skills of the author showcased the future of the country.

He said:

I am impressed about Nigeria, and I think that what there is about this great nation is just an endless flow of talents, endless flow of creativity and endless flow of energy

He was happy and acknowledge how everybody turned up to motivate and encourage the youth. He also said he is happy at not just the potential of the country but also because the country cannot fail.

He also commended the diligence of the Master of the Ceremonies and the motivational speaker of the event where he said that there are very much talent and creativity in Nigeria and many other events organised in Nigeria.

Osibanjo also said:

I am extremely proud of our country and I very strongly believe that our country is certainly going to be a great nation. It is not going to depend on many of us but on a lot of very young people who are multi-tasking, creative and able to stick to it a long time,

He also said that everybody has talent but the difficult thing is to improve and develop the skills. He encouraged the youths to be steadfast in the development of their talents as success is the end product of their hard work.

He also commended the determination of Love Idoko as she achieved this great success with so much integrity and feat.

Osibanjo who is also a spiritual leader urged Christians to declare their faith openly as success is theirs. He also said that the declaration of their faith makes them love God and not only love God but to also do what Jesus Christ wants us to do.

He said:

For us as Christians today the big issue is how to love our neighbours, those people who do not belong to our faith. One might think it unwise to help individuals who made things difficult for them, but Jesus Christ said we must love our enemies and pray for those who despise us.

He also acknowledges that loving our neighbour and enemies is a big challenge, but if Christians should agree with the teaching of Christ, then Nigeria would be a better place.

A motivational speaker, Dr Ubong King who also spoke at the event, said:

the only way for one to predict one’s future was to create it, which the author had done.

The compendium contained many inspirational ideas told by those who experienced them, adding that there was the need for Nigerians to have mentors who add value.

He added that 40 percent of Nigeria’s jobless people become so because they lack skills which is why there are high prostitution, robbery and other heinous crimes.

People should use their talents to develop themselves and create wealth rather than wait on the government for jobs and ‘the new oil in the world is called data’.

The event was attended by past and present politicians, captains of industry and legal luminaries who vouched to support the works of the author.

Love Idoko is an event planner, a motivational speaker, a media consultant. The book is a collection of Tv programmes which aims at motivating and inspiring individuals to do positive things with their lives and maximise their talents and potential.

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