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A Nigerian guy on Facebook with the name Omega Humez has posted pictures of his lover whom he said took the first step to approach him.

The two love birds
The two love birds

Omega Humez said that the lady with the name Ana Columbus regularly chatted him up on Facebook chat for two months with him not replying the messages.

But later on, he replied her message, and from then till date, they are both happy together.

He shared pictures of their before and after pictures which show them so much in love. She also has a son for him whose name is Zion Columbus.

See his post:
Do NOT look down on him now because he has nothing… Tomorrow is very pregnant!
You can actually build an empire Together”! #GrowTogether #TurnItUp ADMIRAL C4C
#ChristAnna2018➡???? LOADING!

To all those so called BIG or “POSH” girls that will never say “HI” to a brother you deeply admire but bottle up your feelings to the graves!

“SHE FOUND ME HERE ON FACEBOOK and said “HI” continuously for almost 2 months! before she got the first response.
THEN: “I can remember vividly the first time I kissed her. I told her I would love to kiss ’em lips for the rest of my days.

NOW: (Almost six years After) Despite our differences and all our shortcomings… Not only do I still kiss em lips, I guess our neighbors are tired of the”moaning”and screams of “oooooo..aaaaaghhh” they have to deal with EVERY SINGLE NIGHT”! #WiskoloWiska!- ADMIRAL C4C

*Oya go and tell your Daddy G.O*#ChristAnna2018➡???? LOADING!
(Under 18.. close your eyes! )

See their beautiful loved up photos

Omega Humez and girlfriend
Omega Humez and girlfriend
The two love birds
The two love birds
Omega Humez son
Omega Humez son, Zion Columbus

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