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Recently, popular Nollywood actor Obi Madubogwo who had died on Monday 28th August, after battling with acute diabetic ulcer which he has been suffering since 2009, and the sickness escalating in 2016.

obi madubogwo. the Nollywood actor
obi madubogwo. the Nollywood actor

Some of Obi Madubogwo colleagues have reacted to the news of his death:

Nobert Ajaegbu first said “I am pondering at the lizard, your goats are bleating, an outstanding king, obi my good friend, where are you? Tell me is a dream”

Kate Henshaw who was still shocked at the news wrote

Jesus! Lord have mercy!
She also said, “It can’t be true….he sent me a script a while back that he wanted to shoot….haaaaaaa!!!

Robert Peters also reacted to the news by saying

how are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle. He recently sent a script he wanted us to work on…. We spoke a couple of times and he sounded so strong. God knows the best. Rest in peace Obi the king of musanga.

Some of his work colleagues who had reportedly abandoned him when he was in the hospital called the wife to confirm the that it wasn’t a rumour. They wrote thus:

confirmed. Obi is dead. We just spoke with his wife, he developed fever yesterday, went to the hospital this morning, had complications and died. The family is taking him home tomorrow. May his soul rest in peace said Chidi Nwokeabia.

Opa Williams also said:

this guy went to inspect my studio last Thursday to start shoot soon. Abeg, life na waya.”

May his soul rest in peace

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