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The computer device that can sense explosives and cancer invented by Nigerian scientist named, Oshiorenoya Agbabi, a neuroscientist. Agbabi wants a situation where airports wouldn’t see the need for visible security system; allowing people to just walk to the plane.

This invention would solve one of the world most puzzling dilemmas which are “how to air travel safer and pleasant without the tedious airport security Lines -Nigeria Scientist proclaimed

The computer device that can sense explosives and cancer is the world first neuro technology devices developed by silicone valley based start up firm, koniku owned by the Nigerian scientist, Oshiorenoya agbabi, and it was unveiled at the TED Global conference In Tanzania on Sunday the 27th of August 2017.

The 38 years old Nigerian said the brain is the most powerful processor the universe has ever
Seen”, he also said to stimulate the power of just 204 neurons would require a super computer. He, however, said, instead of copying a brain neuron take the biological cell it self and use it as it is. The thought is radical, and the outcome is mind boggling. He also added that he and his team are focusing on the problems like explosives and cancer that are especially hard for devices to solve making it the “world first”. Oshiorenoya agbabi said his firm, koniku Kore device can Sense explosives and cancer Essentially through breathing in and smelling the air.

It may also interest you to know some of this computer malware that may harm your computer and phone and as well steal your credit card information.

The computer device that can sense explosives and cancer could be used to replace traditionally airport security and the modern sized device named koniku Kore could provide the brain for future robots, he said, at the First ever annual International Version held in Africa.

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