Blogging Tips New to Blogging -A Must know, read and Learn

New to Blogging -A Must know, read and Learn


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It is no longer new that blogging has proven to be a better source of income revenue for those who wish to earn in dollars/local currency. You either write and get paid or develop your blog and build your business yourself. In whichever category you fall in, there are few blogging terms which I termed ‘A Must Know’ for those new to blogging.


New to Blogging? Here are terms you need to get aquinted with
New to Blogging? Here are terms you need to get aquinted with

If you have been surfing the net well as an information seeker, just like every good blogger out there will always do; you should have come across common blogging terms like Page Views, Visits, Bounce Rate, Impressions, Hits, Traffic Sources, and many other web analytical terms.

Our purpose for this topic is to bring to our knowledge, especially to all those new to blogging, a well-defined meaning of these following blogging terms above.

Try as much as you can to read them properly, assimilate them and never forget to bookmark this page for easy future references. Now, the Hit begins below:

  1. VISIT: By this term Visit, you can read meaning to it as the name implies. A visit is regarded as one count visitor who landed on your blog or website either through the search engines or by direct navigations. Visit counts solely on every landing to a page by every visitor irrespective of whether it’s a single visitor that has been landing to the page several times a day.
  1. UNIQUE VISIT: A unique visit makes use of cookies from visitor’s browser. It tells the website owner which visitor landed his page the first time. Unique visitors can only be tracked using cookies on the browser to checkmate all IP addresses that visited the website a day.
  1. PAGE VIEW: This is known as ‘Impressions’. An impression or page view counts as a visitor enters your website and keep surfing different pages on your blog. In other words, single page a visitor opens, returns an impression to you.
  1. HITS: Most average bloggers today still find it difficult to differentiate between a Hit and a Visit. A Hit refers mainly to the total numbers of files a visitor downloads or downloaded from your website or blog. These files could be lots of buttons on your site, images and even graphics. From statistics, it is recorded that on an average website, 1-visit will generate 3-page views (impressions) and 45 Hits.
  1. BOUNCE RATE: This is the percentage of visitors who leave your site just immediately after viewing one page. For example, assuming your website bounce rate reads 75% on average, it means that 75% of people who visit your website leave immediately after viewing the first page. This may or may not be healthy for your website depending on the purpose of your development.
  1. DAILY TIME ON-SITE: Average daily time on-site tells you the amount of time either in minutes or seconds that visitors spent surfing on your website. A good writer is one who through his contents, retains his visitors to his website for a much longer time. They wish not to leave because they find interesting to read most contents in your website.
  1. TRAFFIC SOURCES: By the word traffic sources, we imply simply on how visitors of your site find your website. Here is some major traffic source you may need to know:
  • ORGANIC SEARCH: This is a source of traffic that directs visitors to your website directly from search engines such as Yandex, Google, Bing, and the likes. This is a major kind of traffic that boosts bloggers website rankings. When your website ranks number 1 on search engines on different queries, your website becomes highly rated as it tends to have solutions to many problems people search on.
  • DIRECT NAVIGATION: This source of traffic is one in which a visitor of your website visits through the bookmarked link of your page, Email links, tracking codes or direct inputting of your website URL on the web browser. It’s also a very good traffic source which explains that your website is known by visitors who personally comes directly to get information which they know you render.
  • REFERRAL LINKS: This refers to links such as the affiliate links, promotional links, branding campaign links and the rest.
  • PPC: This acronym represents Pay Per Click. It’s same as Cost Per Click [CPC]. PPC is a source of traffic that comes through sponsored adverts.

These lists of blogging terms above are the major confusing terms everyone new to blogging wishes to get clarifications on. I believe you find it interesting. Please drop your comments on any part of the piece you may likely be needing extra clarifications. We shall be glad to oblige assistance.

There are many programs designed for website tracking, to let the website owners, get a review on how visitors got to their website; what they did while on the site and where they left to from the site.

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