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Android malware that steals credit card details from other apps.


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Android malware that steals credit card details from other apps is said to spread via text. It’s advice not to input your credit card or account details into shady or insecure looking apps or website if you don’t want them to get into the wrong hands or stolen. But in some situations not even the apps or website you trust are safe.

Android malware that steals credit card details from other apps
Android malware

The new Android malware that steals credit card details is a piece of malware that was seen on a blog post by Kaspersky a security firm it says “the malware can quietly take users details when being inputted into other apps as well as spy on their texts and phone calls. The name of the software is known as fakedtoken and has been evolving over the last year, and it’s growing increasingly sophisticated. It was said to have begun as a banking Trojan that intercepted texts to steal two-factor authentication codes.
According to Kaspersky’s researchers, the new android malware that steals credit card details is said to be spread via bulk SMS text messages to potential victims, asking them to download some pictures and if they do, things don’t do well for them. Once the fakedtoken is being it hides its icon and places a covert overlay over “banking and different apps that enable users to make payment online. If the victim then enters their credit card details into the apps as mentioned above, they fall into the hands of the wrong people leaving them up to the risk of fraud or identity theft.
The new Android malware that steals credit card details can intercept SMS messages, meaning it can get access to the two-factor authentication done by some banks to authorise payments and transfers. However, the threat of the fakedtoken appears to be mainly limited to Russian and ex-soviet countries for now, but it is nonetheless an example of the threats facing smartphone users trying to keep their data safe. Security experts advice that Android smartphone users shouldn’t install from third party sources or download unknown files.


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