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For job seekers in South Africa, presents itself as an ideal one-stop portal for finding and applying to the latest opportunities. But with any career website promising access to thousands of listings, it’s prudent to investigate further before handing over your personal information.

In this extensive review, we’ll scrutinize closely through the lens of user reviews and complaints to determine if the platform is trustworthy or not. Getting insight from other job hunters’ encounters can reveal important details about legitimacy, quality of service, and potential risks.

Overview of

MyCareers is one of South Africa’s largest career websites, striving to connect talent with opportunities across industries. The site allows users to create profiles, upload CVs, browse listings, and apply for jobs directly.

Key features marketed include a searchable database of vacancies, career advice articles, tools for employers to manage recruitment, and a mobile app. MyCareers states its mission is serving candidates of all experience levels from entry-level to executive.

On the surface, the website seems to offer the conveniences job seekers expect from top employment portals. But looking past the sales pitch at actual user experiences exposes a very different reality behind

Warning Signs in User Reviews

Scouring through reviews from those who have used reveals some concerning red flags regarding the platform’s legitimacy:

  • “I never received responses to any of the dozens of applications I sent through the site.”
  • “All the jobs seem fake or duplicated from other sites. I think it’s a scam.”
  • “None of the company names hiring seem like real organizations. Makes me think they just make up listings.”
  • “I tried contacting customer support multiple times with no response. They just take your information.”
  • “Don’t waste your time on this site, it’s meaningless. Total scam.”

These sentiments warning others to avoid dominate most discussions. There is an alarming lack of positive reviews from satisfied users.

Patterns of Complaints About the Service

Looking closer at the specific complaints exposes some of the ways fails to deliver on its promises:

Fake or Duplicated Job Listings

The most common grievance is that a majority of job postings appear falsified or copied from elsewhere. User suspect pads its database with sham listings to give the illusion of opportunity.

Non-Existent Hiring Companies

Many applicants found the companies advertising openings had little or no online presence outside of This suggests they are not legitimate organizations actually hiring.

No Responses to Job Applications

Users overwhelmingly report submitting dozens of applications via the site but never receiving any replies from employers. The application process seems to lead nowhere.

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Useless Career Advice Articles touts career advice content. But reviewers say the articles are vague, generic, and unhelpful for the South African job market.

No Customer Service Response

Those who contacted customer support for issues like unresponsive employers received no replies. The site appears to offer no real human assistance.

These consistent complaints indicate does not deliver on its promise to connect job seekers with viable opportunities.

Negative Experiences on Mobile App

In addition to issues with listings and services on the main site, users report major problems with the mobile app:

  • “The app barely ever works. Constant glitches and crashing.”
  • “Couldn’t upload or edit any of my info or resume through the app.”
  • “Really disappointing functionality. The app needs major work.”

Rather than providing convenient access, the buggy and unstable app fails to offer job seekers usable mobile access to the already dubious services.

Safety Concerns Over Required Personal Data

A major worry expressed in reviews is having to hand over extensive personal data to despite its questionable legitimacy:

  • “I’m nervous giving them so much of my information when something feels off.”
  • “You need to give them your CV, phone, email, home address just to access listings.”
  • “Who knows what they’re doing with all that data. I regret using the site now.”

With no transparency into data practices or guaranteed security, entrusting this suspicious operator with sensitive information seems extremely risky according to user feedback.

The Few Positive Reviews Feel Disingenuous

Very few positive reviews exist, but the language seems canned and lacks details. For example:

  • “I found my dream job on this amazing site!”
  • “Thanks MyCareers for the great success in finding work!”
  • “Perfect site, got hired right away. Five stars.”

These feel like fabricated testimonials more than real experiences, further damaging credibility. Genuine happy users would share richer details, not vague praise.

Conclusion: Strong Likelihood is a Scam

Accumulating all the consistent negative reviews and experiences regarding core offerings, lack of customer service, and data safety yields an overwhelming consensus: cannot be recommended as a legitimate job search resource.

The volume of compelling warnings combined with scant verifiable positive feedback presents a very strong likelihood is a scam operation seeking to exploit job seekers’ hopes rather than actually connecting them to employers.

While not definitive, the evidence dictates extreme caution when considering sharing your personal information with The potential risks seem to vastly outweigh any rewards according to other job seekers.

Alternative Job Sites More Highly Recommended

Rather than risking your data and time on, users advise utilizing more reputable South African employment websites and portals. Below are several better reviewed alternatives:

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Pnet – Long-running national job site with positive reviews. Features verified listings from a range of industries.

CareerJunction – Popular for 20+ years. Regarded as user-friendly and trustworthy for job searching.

Indeed – As an aggregator, Indeed pulls listings from many sources. Good for wider reach.

LinkedIn – Professional social network with strong job board. Leverage your network and groups.

Company Career Pages – Apply directly through the career portals of specific desired employers.

Giraffe – Innovative recruitment platform using AI matching and skills-based hiring.

The consensus is your chances of finding legitimate opportunities are far higher through established mainstream sites or a targeted search of companies you want to work for.

Key Takeaways: Protect Yourself from Job Scams provides a cautionary tale of the potential risks facing job seekers in the digital age. Follow these tips to avoid becoming victim to employment scams when searching online:

  • Vet sites for reviews, complaints, transparency, contact info, and company details before applying or sharing your personal data.
  • Beware of too-good-to-be-true lists of openings, especially on new sites with no history or track record.
  • Scrutinize employers mentioning openings for legitimacy before applying. Avoid sending applications into a black hole.
  • Never pay for access to job listings or recruitment services. Real opportunities don’t require fees.
  • Be wary of sites requesting excessive personal details during registration before accessing services.
  • Use well-established mainstream employment portals and company career pages for more trustworthy opportunities.
  • If you do share data that ends up being misused or you become the victim of a job scam, report them to authorities to help prevent future abuse.

Landing a new job in today’s modern digital era requires diligence to avoid schemes trying to take advantage of job seekers’ eagerness and needs. But by carefully vetting resources and utilizing reputable platforms, you can find meaningful opportunities safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is completely fake or does it have some real job listings?

While not every single job on may be fabricated, the vast majority of reviews indicate the bulk of listings are fake, duplicated or come from non-existent companies. There may be a small percentage of real opportunities mixed in, but it is impossible to reliably filter for them.

Are there any ways to report fraudulent job listings or sites like

If you uncover convincing evidence of fabricated job postings or other employment scams, you can file reports through agencies like the South African Police Service or contact government labor departments to make them aware of the issue.

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Is it always unsafe to use third-party job sites I’m not familiar with?

Not necessarily, but it is always wise to thoroughly vet any new online platform using review sites and search engines before entering your personal details or applying for openings. Look for red flags and make sure the site has a longstanding positive reputation first.

How can I determine if an employer website or posting is real or fake?

Warning signs of fake employers include no history or online presence outside the job ad, vague or bizarre company descriptions, use of stock logos/photos, and contact information that dead-ends or links back to the job posting itself.

What are the risks if I apply for a job that turns out to be fake or a scam?

Beyond wasted time, fake job postings or employers can be a way for scammers to harvest your personal information for identity theft. There is also the risk of providers selling your data to third parties without consent once supplied.

Is it ever advisable to pay for job placement or recruitment services?

Almost never. Real job opportunities that you are qualified for should not require any payment or fees upfront. Many scams try to capitalize on desperation by making candidates pay for access to jobs, priority treatment or guarantees.

What are some other common online job scams I should watch out for?

Additional scams include secret shopper gigs requiring upfront payments, offers from fake executive recruiters asking for private data, mystery shopping jobs involving cashing fake checks, and opportunities that begin by requiring disclosure of bank account/routing details.

Should I rely solely on or any one site when job seeking?

No, the most effective strategy is utilizing multiple reputable sources like mainstream job boards, specific company sites, LinkedIn, and networking instead of trusting exclusively in a single platform. Spreading a wide net improves your chances of finding viable opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Based on overwhelmingly negative user reviews and experiences, appears less of a career platform and more akin to a scam operation exploiting those urgently trying to find work. The lack of verifiable value for job hunters indicates it should be avoided.

For the best chance to access legitimate openings without risk, focus your efforts on trusted mainstream employment sites, targeted career pages of desired employers, and networking through your professional and social circles. With caution and wisdom, you can uncover opportunities that help advance your career goals rather than set you back.

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