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Mr. Eazi revealed that some Nigerian musicians are copying his style of music in a recent interview. The artist said that the rate at which he grew in the music industry scares him. He also revealed that his colleagues in the industry spent about five months to reach his style of making music.

Mr. Eazi
Mr. Eazi
Earlier in the year 2017, Mr. Eazi was trending because of a tweet where he said that Nigerian music draws inspiration from Ghanian music.

A lot of Nigerians reacted to the tweet, while others tagged him a sell out because he seemed to be saying that Ghanian music is better than Nigerian music.

Well, it looks like the famous musician is about to be in the spotlight once again. Speaking in a recent interview, Mr. Eazi disclosed that it took his colleagues in the music industry about five to six months to attain his style of mixing Nigerian and Ghanian style of making music.

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