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In our previous post, we talked about the symptoms, causes and treament of Migraine. But today, we shall be pointing out in full, some facts to expect if you find yourself suffering from this painful illment.

There are many possible things and factors that might trigger migraines which include hormonal, emotional, physical, dietary, environmental and medicinal factors. But migraine triggers vary according to individuals.

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These migraine triggers may vary according to individuals, but it helps to keep in check, to know when you are about experiencing migraine.

These migraine triggers include:

Hormonal changes: some ladies experience migraine triggers especially around the time their period is about to start and estrogen by the variations in the hormones such as oestrogen. These migraines, sometimes occur before two days to the start of their period or three days after their period. Only some quite a few women experience migraines by the time of their period.
Some women find their migraines increase after they reach menopause.

Emotional triggers
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Tension
• Shock
• Depression
• Excitement


Physical triggers
• Tiredness
• Poor quality sleep
• Shift work
• Poor posture
• Neck or shoulder tension
• Jet lag
• Low blood sugar
• Strenuous exercise, especially when you have not used to it

physical triggers
physical triggers

Dietary triggers
• Missed, delayed or irregular meals
• Alcohol
• Dehydration
• Caffeine products such as tea and coffee
• Specific foods such as chocolate

dietary triggers
dietary triggers

Environmental triggers
• Bright lights
• Stuffy atmosphere
• Lous noise
• Strong smells like gasoline, perfume, chemicals
• Climate change


• Sleeping tablets
• Combined contraceptive pills
• HRT ( hormone replacement therapy)medications

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