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People are always on the hunt for ways to make extra money online. That’s why paid survey sites like MetroOpinion are so popular.

But before you jump in and start answering surveys, there’s one crucial question:

Is MetroOpinion scam or legit?

I’ll give you the honest truth upfront: MetroOpinion isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate survey panel run by an established market research company.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth your time.

In this in-depth MetroOpinion review, I’ll pull back the curtain and give you an inside look at how it really works. I spent weeks thoroughly testing and using the platform myself.

I’ll break down the pros and cons, show you real proof of how much you can earn, and help you decide if MetroOpinion is actually worth it for you.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is MetroOpinion?

MetroOpinion is an online paid survey panel. Companies pay MetroOpinion to gather opinions and feedback from consumers like you.

You sign up and take surveys, then get paid for each one you complete.

The company behind MetroOpinion is called Opinodo. However, Opinodo doesn’t create the surveys themselves.

Instead, they use a third-party platform called Cint to distribute surveys on behalf of big market research firms.

So when you take surveys on MetroOpinion, you’re not working directly with Opinodo or the companies looking for opinions. Cint is the middleman.

Now you’re probably wondering: “Is MetroOpinion legit and will they actually pay me?”

The short answer is yes, MetroOpinion is legit and they do pay out rewards as promised. They have a decent track record spanning over a decade.

However, as you’ll see, there are some big downsides and limitations when it comes to earning potential.

Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

MetroOpinion Scam

How Does MetroOpinion Work?

Getting started with MetroOpinion is pretty straightforward.

First, you sign up and create an account by entering basic info like your name, email, and demographics.

Then you fill out detailed profile surveys about your interests, shopping habits, household info and more.

The more profiles you complete upfront, the more surveys you’ll qualify for down the road.

Once your account is set up, MetroOpinion will send you survey invitations via email and post them in your online dashboard.

When you click on a survey link, you’ll go through some screening questions to see if you fit the demographics the client is looking for.

If you qualify, you take the full survey and get paid once it’s completed.

If you get disqualified, you don’t earn anything. But no time was really wasted either since the screening process is very quick.

After each successful survey, your MetroOpinion account balance gets credited with a cash reward amount (more on specific earnings later).

Once you hit their payout threshold, you can request to get paid out via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other rewards.

Overall, the process is pretty seamless. No confusing point systems or convoluted redemption steps.

As long as you’re patient and open a decent number of survey invitations, you can accumulate earnings over time for an easy extra paycheck.

Now the big question is: How much can you actually make?

MetroOpinion Earning Potential Revealed

Out of all the paid survey sites I’ve used and reviewed, MetroOpinion has pretty solid earning potential per survey completed.

However, as you’ll see, there’s a big catch:

Most Members Don’t Qualify for Many Surveys

According to MetroOpinion, here’s how much you can expect to earn for each survey:

  • Minimum $0.50
  • Maximum $5
  • Average $1-3

For example, here’s a survey opportunity from my MetroOpinion dashboard offering $0.62 for a 6 minute time commitment:

That works out to $6.20 per hour, which is pretty decent for an online side gig like paid surveys.

And that was just an average opportunity. Some surveys pay up to $5 or more.

Pretty solid pay rates, right? The only problem is actually qualifying for a steady stream of survey invitations.

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I found that I only qualified for about 1 out of every 4 or 5 surveys I attempted. Sometimes it was closer to 1 out of 10!

So while the earnings per survey seem great on paper, your actual earnings get seriously deflated by the low qualification rate.

This lines up with experiences from other MetroOpinion users on Reddit:

“I have never [seen] surveys on my account but always I am checking…a chance to participate in the survey is 0.0001% almost time wastage.”

And this one sums up a common complaint on TrustPilot, MetroOpinion’s reviews platform:

“It takes too long to receive the reward after redemption. I redeemed my points days ago and haven’t received my reward.”

I personally didn’t experience any lengthy delays getting paid out once I hit the required thresholds. But many others are clearly having issues getting their earnings in a reasonable timeframe.

Here’s My Actual MetroOpinion Earnings Over 6 Weeks

To get a true sense of MetroOpinion’s realistic earning potential, I used the platform for 6 full weeks, tracking every survey opportunity and payout received.

I put in an average of 1-2 hours of effort per day, 5 days per week trying to qualify and complete as many surveys as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of how many survey opportunities I received and qualified for each week:

  • Week 1: 71 opportunities, qualified for 16
  • Week 2: 63 opportunities, qualified for 12
  • Week 3: 54 opportunities, qualified for 8
  • Week 4: 88 opportunities, qualified for 21
  • Week 5: 69 opportunities, qualified for 15
  • Week 6: 71 opportunities, qualified for 14

As you can see, I qualified for somewhere between 8-21 surveys each week out of 54-88 opportunities.

Not amazing qualification rates by any means, but enough to accumulate some earnings.

So how much did I actually make after 6 weeks of using MetroOpinion?

In total, I earned $63.41 over the 6 week period.

That works out to around $10.57 per week or $2.10 per hour of effort.

Definitely nowhere close to replacing a full-time income. But enough for some spare change and extra pocket money each month.

While my earnings weren’t life-changing, I did like how MetroOpinion pays out via convenient methods like PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the payment options and process.

How Does MetroOpinion Pay You?

Once you’ve accumulated enough earnings to hit MetroOpinion’s payout threshold, you can request to get paid.

But the specific payment methods and minimum payout amounts vary depending on which country your account is registered in.

For example, during my testing in the United States, I had the following payout options available:

  • gift card: $10 minimum
  • PayPal: $12.50 minimum
  • Charity donation: No minimum

I ended up cashing out via PayPal since I prefer getting paid in cash versus gift cards. The process was smooth and I received my earnings within 5 business days as promised.

PayPal does seem to be one of the more common withdrawal methods for MetroOpinion users in most countries.

However, some users have had trouble actually receiving their PayPal payments in a timely manner:

“It does [not] pay period no matter [how] many surveys you make take it just says completed then gives you no option to put in PayPal to receive rewards.”

Thankfully, that wasn’t my experience. But it’s something to be aware of in case you run into similar delays getting paid out.

Some other potential payment options depending on your location include:

  • Gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants
  • Prepaid Visa cards
  • Skrill
  • Direct bank transfers

Overall, MetroOpinion does offer convenient payment methods that are on par with the top paid survey sites. They even allow charity donations as a payout option if you want to give back.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other key pros and cons of using MetroOpinion versus other survey panels.

MetroOpinion Pros and Cons


  • ✔ Legitimate, established survey panel that does pay out as promised
  • ✔ Solid pay rates of $0.50 to $5+ per survey completed
  • ✔ Convenient payment methods like PayPal, Amazon, and retailers accepted in most countries
  • ✔ Relatively low payout thresholds of just $10-12
  • ✔ Simple survey process on desktop and mobile devices
  • ✔ Earn extra cash in your spare time from home
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  • ✘ Low survey qualification rates mean limited earning potential
  • ✘ No other paid opportunities besides surveys to increase earnings
  • ✘ Delays in receiving payments reported by some users
  • ✘ Must complete lengthy profile surveys before qualifying (without pay)
  • ✘ Lots of user complaints about technical issues and poor support
  • ✘ No welcome bonus or loyalty perks like some competitors offer

Overall, MetroOpinion hits some high notes by paying decently per survey and offering convenient cash-out methods.

However, it falls short when it comes to member experience and maximizing consistent earnings with things like:

  • Higher survey qualification rates
  • More paid opportunity types besides just surveys
  • Better customer support
  • Welcome bonuses and loyalty incentives

Let’s take a closer look at a few of those drawbacks in the next section.

Biggest Complaints About MetroOpinion

While MetroOpinion isn’t an outright scam and you can legitimately make some extra money there, it’s far from perfect.

Here are a few of the most common complaints and issues reported by MetroOpinion members:

1. Technical Glitches and Software Bugs:

MetroOpinion’s software platform seems to be plagued by technical issues for many members. Frequent reports of surveys crashing, accounts being locked out or restricted, and more.

“I started doubting this site upon going to several surveys and did not get paid. Spending 10-20 mins. each surveys…They just end the survey, you doubting what happened?”

2. Extremely Poor Customer Support:

When things go wrong, MetroOpinion’s customer support team seems unhelpful and even frustrating for many members. Both response times and the quality of communications seem to be severely lacking.

“When I wrote to support, they point me to Cint. When I wrote to Cint, their agents will reply with a full list of cut & paste prescription answers that make it looks like everything is my fault, period, case closed. Highly unethical and unprofessional.”

3. Surprise Deductions From Account Balance:

Perhaps the most serious complaint from numerous MetroOpinion users is that they report having cash balances deducted without warning or explanation. Almost like the company is taking back rewards from members.

“MetroOpinion is the only survey site that I know that keeps deducting money from my rewards as and when they feel like it.”

4. Excessive Disqualifications (Even After Survey Completion):

Not only is it tough to qualify for MetroOpinion’s available surveys, but many members report being disqualified even after completing an entire survey. Talk about wasting your time!

“[Y]ou could complete a 20 minute survey then they start deducting amounts randomly, using bs excuses from the provider you didn’t complete it properly. Very underhanded. I do not recommend.”

Between widespread technical issues, terrible support, unexplained deductions, and excessive disqualifications after survey completion, it’s clear MetroOpinion has some serious member experience problems.

So while the company may be legitimate on the surface, it’s no secret that many members feel ripped off or misled after joining.

That brings up the big question for anyone considering using their platform:

Is It Even Worth It to Use MetroOpinion?

Based on my experience using MetroOpinion for over 6 weeks of dedicated testing, as well as analyzing other members reviews, here’s my honest take:

MetroOpinion can be worth it as a supplemental income source, but only with proper expectations.

If you go into it thinking you’ll easily qualify for a bunch of high-paying surveys and rack up big earnings fast, you’ll be disappointed.

However, if you treat MetroOpinion as a total side gig with modest earnings expectations, it could be worth a bit of your spare time.

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Personally, I’ll likely keep my MetroOpinion account active to earn a few extra dollars each week by completing the survey opportunities I qualify for.

I appreciate that MetroOpinion does pay out cash reliably and that their payouts can be easily withdrawn via PayPal.

But because of the low qualification rates, lack of other paid activity options, and member experience issues, I certainly wouldn’t rely on MetroOpinion as a primary income source.

Instead, I use it in combination with other top paid survey sites where I have much higher earning potential and a better overall experience.

A Two-Pronged Approach for Earning More

So if you’re looking to maximize your income from paid survey and get-paid-to opportunities, I recommend using MetroOpinion as a supplemental “nice to have” alongside one or two of the industry’s top performers.

Then you can rack up a steady stream of extra income by using the “heavy hitters” as your primary earners, while sprinkling in what you make from MetroOpinion as a bonus.

For example, my personal “heavy hitter” go-to recommendations are Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

Both of these platforms offer:

  • ✓ Higher survey qualification rates
  • ✓ More paid opportunities (surveys, web tasks, cashback, in-app games, etc.)
  • ✓ Welcome bonuses and loyalty perks
  • ✓ Large active member communities
  • ✓ Excellent customer support
  • ✓ Consistent income opportunity worth the time investment

Then, anything you happen to qualify for and complete on MetroOpinion can be treated as a nice supplemental income stream on top of that.

Survey Junkie, in particular, is a great starting point for most people. They have one of the highest point-per-survey rates, plenty of opportunities available each day, and a super low payout threshold of just $5.

You can get a free cash bonus just for giving them a try!

Swagbucks, on the other hand, gives you a crazy amount of different paid task options and ways to earn. It’s a bit more versatile than a pure survey panel:

But no matter which main platform(s) you decide to use, treating MetroOpinion as a nice supplemental “bonus” income source seems to be the overall best strategy.

At least then you aren’t relying solely on it, while still benefiting from extra pocket money thanks to their legit payout capabilities.

The Bottom Line: Is MetroOpinion Scam or Legit?

MetroOpinion is not a scam, but it’s not a dream income opportunity either.

It has plenty of drawbacks including low survey qualification rates, technical issues, poor customer support, and reports of sketchy surprise deductions.

However, if you go into it with appropriate expectations and use MetroOpinion simply as a supplemental earner on top of higher quality paid survey platforms, it can be a nice little bonus.

After 6 weeks of dedicated testing, I earned $63.41 for just a few hours of effort per week. Not life-changing by any means, but a respectable little side income boost.

Overall, it’s a 50/50 toss up on whether MetroOpinion is worth it for you. It just depends on your specific income goals and expectations around supplemental paid survey work.

For most people though, my recommendation would be to focus your time and effort first on maximizing earnings from top industry leaders like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Use MetroOpinion as an optional side-kick if you qualify for enough opportunities.

Just don’t rely on MetroOpinion alone as your primary paid survey platform. At least not until they improve some major member experience issues and increase their survey qualification rates.

Hopefully this in-depth MetroOpinion review gave you the honest inside scoop you needed to make the best decision for your situation.

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