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A Facebook user, Nora Oma Snow, shares a story of her friend who is currently suffering depression after she lost N5 million to a church.

Lady loses N5 million to a church’s micro-finance bank
Lady loses N5 million to a church’s micro finance bank

The Facebook user said that she had not heard from her friend for a long time, so she assumed that it was due to the normal busy life that everybody has. That was how things were until they had a long and in-depth talk on WhatsApp, and her friend told her that she was suffering from depression.
She attends one of the top three Pentecostal churches in Nigeria
One Sunday, an investment company came to the church to speak to the members about a financial investment.
As an average Nigerian who is gullible, who lets down their guard, does not ask questions, throws in the air all cautions, once a pastor says something, or once someone standing on the altar of their church says something, they believe immediately. She invested five Million Naira ( N5 Million )of her hard earned money that they used to pay her off after she was laid off from work. And that was how this faithful church member’s money entered voice mail.

Nora's chat with her friend
Nora’s chat with her friend

EFCC is on the case at the moment.

When it gets to the point where one of the top churches in Nigeria gives a company the chance to stand on their altar and convince its members to invest their money in them, a company that defrauds them, then you know that Nigeria has become irredeemable.
Now Nora’s friend and the other members who lost their money are stuck, powerless and depressed.
As a Nigerian, when you buy a sausage on the highway and when you open it you find out that there is no beef in it, you somehow get over it because the purchase was made on the highway, you took a risk, you were expecting that deep down in you.
But how are you supposed to react when you lose your money to your church? A church that is meant to be a model of morality. This is a bad situation for Nigeria as a country.

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