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Maria Dapiraka, a 30-year-old Russian woman who was arrested with hard substance in her possession, faces the death penalty in Vietnam.

Maria Dapirika
Maria Dapirika

The 30-year-old lady was caught with 3kg hard substance on a flight from Singapore by the Vietnamese custom.

According to her, she claimed that her Nigerian lover set her up by planting the substance in her possession, she also argued that the guy deceived her into believing that he was a top Nigerian footballer when he is fake.
She also claimed she met her Nigerian lover who’s named Nick when she was in Thailand.

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She was supposed to get her sentence verdict on Thursday, August 31 in Ho Chi Minh city after having served three years in prison, but her court session was postponed until further notice for investigation, though this is the fifth time her court session has been postponed.

She wrote a letter to her mum, Olga saying that she had accepted her fate, she also told the mum to come visit her.

Her letter to her mum and I qoute

“don’t worry about me, I am fine, I am ready for my end, ‘I hope you will manage to visit me, I’ve not seen for four years. I miss you so much! Please take good care of your health”.

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