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Oluwaseun Mary Olaniyan, who is a student of Adeyemi College of Education, who was recently kidnapped eleven days ago, has miraculously escaped from the kidnapper’s den.

The girl that was kidnapped
The girl that was kidnapped

She goes on to say that she was kidnapped by four men who came in front of her school with the state Taxi.

See her full story here:

I boarded the taxi cab alongside a lady at the same location. Two of them were going to Yaba in Ondo city.
As soon as I boarded the vehicle, I became unconscious. I later found myself in a building located inside a thick forest.
We were six in the hands of the captors who fed us only with water. We saw strange men coming in a jeep vehicle to collect something we suspected to be human flesh which was concealed in a cellophane bag.
My escape from the hands of the kidnappers was divine. It was while they were quarrelling that I took the opportunity to escape alongside others into the bush.
I trekked inside the forest until I got to Ile-Oluji/Ipetu Ijesa road where I met a lady and asked for direction to Ondo town. The lady told me I was very close to Ile-Oluji. When I got to Igbo Oja, I made efforts to reach my mother on her phone.
I contacted my mother. My father immediately called me and I informed him that I had reached Itanla junction along Ondo/Akure highway

Her parents have lost hope of seeing her because similar cases which have happened, the victims don’t come out alive. They only saw their decomposed bodies.

Her family, as well as the school management, was filled with joy when they saw her and when they hear her share her experience.

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