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Everybody is looking for that perfect diet. Every January millions of people are on the search to get healthy and to lose weight probably after eating up over the holidays; some even end up going for surgery to look good. All you need is a proper diet, and regular workouts and your problems will belong to the past. So, what is the perfect diet with all the diet plans out there?

The perfect diet to start the year
The perfect diet to start the year

First of all, you need to get a diet plan, if you stick to the plan you will lose weight. The problem lies in sticking to the plan. Most people begin a diet plan and soon start seeing changes, after a short time almost everyone is off the plan and gradually adds the weight back on and in some cases end up being larger than before the diet.

Diet plan
Diet plan

So is there a perfect diet that is not only healthy and balanced but something that can be followed for life. The good news is yes, and it is not focused on tuna fish, and rice cakes or protein shakes, nor is it a monthly fee program, no, this perfect diet is as available and affordable as the nearest store to you.

This diet is based on the keeping it simple principle. What does simple mean? Well, to start with, there are no designed weight loss food or pills to buy. It is based on eating real food, freshly prepared.


Here are some key points of the perfect diet.

1. Stop junk food like diet soda, bad carbs, chips, candy etc.
2. Stop all white foods like white bread, potatoes, white rice.
3. Stop the intake of sugar, including honey, agave, maple syrup, they are all sugar, once you attain your desired weight you can add them.
4. Start eating eggs; they are an excellent source of protein.
5. Eat a lot of canned beans.
6. Eat only brown bread, rice and whole wheat pasta.
7. Eat a lot of canned tomatoes.

Remember one thing, and that is to buy whole, unprocessed foods. Get organic if you can and learn how to cook real food. It seems hard, of course it is, but the payoff is that you will look and even feel better.

keep it organic
keep it organic

Combine the perfect diet with a regular exercise, like walking for twenty minutes five to six times a week, and you will certainly attain your desired weight.

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