Is Fairfield Partners a Scam? Shocking Reviews and Complaint

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Fairfield Partners markets itself as an executive search firm specializing in the natural/wellness consumer goods space. But could this company be a scam targeting job seekers and employers?

In this extensive investigation, we’ll uncover the truth about Fairfield Partners, including: Who is behind this company? Analysis of their website and legitimacy Fairfield Partners reviews and complaints and Steps to protect yourself. This will allow is to know if Fairfield Partners is a scam or not.

Let’s dive in!

Who Is Fairfield Partners?

Fairfield Partners is an executive recruitment firm claiming to focus on the natural/wellness consumer goods industry.

According to their website, they’ve helped iconic brands like a2 Milk, BrightFarms, UNREAL, and Zesty Paws hire key executives since 2005.

The company is based in Fairfield, CT with two managing partners named Brian Curry and Joe Pfaller.

At first glance, Fairfield Partners appears professional and legitimate. Their site showcases glowing testimonials and they claim to use a proven search methodology.

But looking deeper reveals some concerning details about this company, as we’ll cover next.

Analyzing the Fairfield Partners Website

The Fairfield Partners website displays numerous warning signs that something may be amiss with this company.

Here are the top red flags:

1. Generic branding and stock photos

The Fairfield Partners site uses generic branding with stock photos. For an established executive search firm operating since 2005, their site lacks custom branding and any unique personality.

All images appear to be generic stock photos as well. There are no photos of their actual office, team members, or clients.

This signals the site could be hastily created or not fully legitimate.

2. Vague about services

While Fairfield Partners claims to conduct executive searches, details on their actual services are extremely vague.

Their site does not list specific services like retained search, contingency recruiting, HR consulting, RPO, etc. There are also no details on industries or roles they focus on for searches beyond “natural/wellness” consumer goods.

For an executive recruitment firm, this lack of service specifics is very suspicious.

3. No evidence of company history

Fairfield Partners claims they’ve helped iconic natural/wellness brands hire top talent since 2005.

Yet their website shows no evidence of this 17+ year history. There are no case studies, stats, milestones, or company news articles to showcase their experience.

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For an established firm open since 2005, the complete lack of company history raises many red flags.

4. No evidence of managing partners

The Fairfield Partners site lists two managing partners: Brian Curry and Joe Pfaller.

But a Google search reveals no profiles, social media accounts, or any digital footprint for Brian Curry and Joe Pfaller.

If these managing partners have been top executive recruiters since 2005, surely some online evidence would exist.

The fact that the named managing partners have zero online footprint is an enormous red flag about this company’s legitimacy.

5. Website anonymously registered

A WhoIs domain lookup shows the site is anonymously registered.

The domain registrant is listed as “Domains by Proxy” which hides the true site owner’s information. Anonymous site ownership is common tactic among scams and fraudulent businesses.

The vague services, lack of company history, phantom managing partners, and anonymous website ownership all signal Fairfield Partners is likely not a legitimate firm.

But what do actual reviewers and job seekers have to say? Next we’ll analyze Fairfield Partners reviews and complaints.

Fairfield Partners Reviews and Complaints

With so many warning signs on their website, it’s no surprise that reviews for Fairfield Partners are terrible.

Here is a sampling of Fairfield Partners reviews found online:

“Fairfield Partners is a total scam targeting job seekers! I applied to a posted executive role only to get a call demanding I pay hundreds as an “application fee”. Stay away!!”

“I engaged Fairfield Partners for a retained executive search that went nowhere. 6 months later the role is still vacant. I want my retainer back but can’t even contact them anymore.”

“Applied to Fairfield for a Director of Marketing role which I was very qualified for. They refused to discuss details of role unless I paid them first. Clearly a scam targeting desperate job seekers.”

“Fairfield Partners listed impressive managing partners on their site who I wanted to speak with. Did a LinkedIn search and none of these people seem to exist! Run away from this likely phony headhunter.”

As you can see, reviews for Fairfield Partners are scathing.

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Multiple job seekers report this company demands upfront payments before discussing roles or moving candidates forward.

And at least one employer says they failed to deliver on an executive search despite paying Fairfield Partners a hefty retainer.

These complaints align with all the website red flags showing this company is likely a scam.

So how exactly could Fairfield Partners be scamming people? Let’s analyze a couple possibilities next.

How Could the Fairfield Partners Scam Work?

With so many warning signs and terrible reviews, it’s almost certain that Fairfield Partners is scamming both job seekers and employers.

But how might their scam operate? Based on reviewer complaints, here are two possibilities:

1. Fee harvesting from job candidates

One likely scam approach is demanding upfront fees from job applicants before providing any services. Their site claims expert capability helping companies hire.

So to an eager job seeker, a listing from Fairfield Partners appears like a great executive opportunity worth paying for.

But based on complaints, once applicants pay the fee, Fairfield Partners ghosts them and never actually offers job placement services.

This “fee harvesting” from candidates lets them profit while providing nothing in return.

2. Taking retainers without delivering

For their claimed executive search services, Fairfield Partners is almost surely collecting retainers from employers without ever finding candidates.

Their site showcases seemingly prestigious brands as past clients. So to a company seeking to make a strategic hire, Fairfield Partners may appear credible and trustworthy.

But again, according to employer complaints, once Fairfield Partners receives the retainer payment, they become impossible to contact or simply never deliver viable job candidates.

This approach lets them pocket retainers from companies while providing zero recruiting services promised.

Both job seekers and employers appear vulnerable to potential scams run by Fairfield Partners. Next we’ll cover how you can spot and avoid this predatory firm.

How to Spot and Avoid the Fairfield Partners Scam

Fairfield Partners exhibits countless red flags signaling it’s almost certainly a scam:

  • Vague services
  • No evidence of company history
  • Phantom managing partners
  • Anonymous website ownership

Add terrible online reviews, and all evidence points to some kind of fraudulent operation targeting employers and job seekers.

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Here are some key signs to spot and actions to avoid the Fairfield Partners scam:

Warning Signs of the Scam:

  • Being pressured for upfront payments
  • Role details remain vague even after engagement
  • Named executives have zero online footprint
  • Poor or no delivery on promised services

How to Protect Yourself:

For job candidates

  • Research Fairfield Partners online (like reading this article)
  • Never pay upfront fees without receiving details on actual roles
  • Report Fairfield Partners to general attorney’s office

For employers

  • Check for evidence of past search success like case studies
  • Avoid paying large retainers before assessing candidate sourcing strategy
  • Contact references to validate past search business

With vigilance, you can recognize unlawful operations like Fairfield Partners and avoid becoming another victim.

Stay far away from this likely scam artist targeting both companies and job seekers!

Fairfield Partners Review Conclusions

After an exhaustive investigation of Fairfield Partners, all evidence points to this executive recruitment firm being an outright scam.

Red flags include:

  • Generic branded site with stock images only
  • Complete lack of company history since 2005
  • No online evidence of named managing partners

Terrible online reviews also showcase angry candidates and employers regarding:

  • Being asked for upfront payments
  • Failure to deliver promised services after payments

Multiple signs suggest Fairfield Partners engages in fee harvesting from applicants and taking retainers without viable delivery.

Overall, our Fairfield Partners review provides overwhelming proof this company cannot be trusted. We strongly advise everyone to stay far away!

To find a legitimate recruitment partner, work with firms that have:

  • Strong branded online presence
  • Proven company track record
  • Verified consultants with digital footprints
  • Little to no upfront fees

Avoid potential scams like Fairfield Partners preying on both employers and job seekers.

Hopefully this review helps job candidates and companies recognize unlawful operators claiming to provide executive search and recruiter services. Share this article and help protect others from recruitment scams!

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