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Does brand matter? Many go for the name, while others go for the features worth the pricing.

Infinix note 4 pro vs samsung and iphone
Infinix note 4pro

It is no longer news that infinite-mobile has taken over Nigeria mobile phone system. The launch of Infinix note 4 and the note 4 pro finished work.

Here are reasons why the infinix note 4 pro is better than Samsung galaxy S5 and iPhone 6s: Infinix note 4 pro vs samsung and iphone, which is better?

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: The infinix note 4 and the note Pro unboxes with a well tuned and fascinating metallic body design. It’s better than the iPhone 6s and Samsung galaxy S5 because it maintains the design of both the iPhone 6s and Samsung galaxy S5 put together. Take a glance look at infinix note 4 pro at night or early morning. You might mistake the phone to be Samsung galaxy S5 or the iPhone 6S

INTERNAL SPECIFICATIONS: The infinix note 4 pro comes with higher specifications considering the cost even. From the RAM, the ROM, the inbuilt memory, the battery life and the OS. In all aspect, the infinix note 4 pro is top notch.

WIDGET: It might also interest you to know that the infinix note 4 pro comes with all widgets the Samsung galaxy S5 was built in including the hand gestures. Apart from water resistance feature, there is no way Samsung S5 is near match to infinix note 4 pro

COST: Finally, judging from the cost with respect to what the infinix note 4 pro has to offer, the phone is way far better. With the least 66,000 naira today, you can be getting yourself a brand new infinix note 4 pro. A price you need to double for you to get either a Samsung galaxy S5 or an iPhone 6s as at when launched.

So why go for costly names and brand when there are cheaper brands offering you better specifications than these so called big companies. With infinix note 4 Pro , your satisfaction is certified as long as mobile devices are concerned. I still wonder what the infinix note 5 Pro will look like -they are really killing it.

I believe these little summarised features above answers the question; Infinix note 4 pro vs Samsung and iPhone, which is better?

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