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How to Restore iPhone on your own without going to a Technician.

I’m going to show you how to restore an iPhone without necessary going to a Technician for help. Its simple, not complicated and not as dangerous as flashing an android device. If the iPhone file you are using not compatible with the iPhone it won’t restore, unlike an android that will write the flash whether compatible or not.

To restore an iPhone, you will need the following tools:
– Internet-enabled PC,
– A USB cable (for iPhone),
– iTunes software.

When all the tools mentioned above are in place, then you can proceed to download the file for your type of iPhone. You can download the file from, here all the software are arranged accordingly.

Open iTunes on your PC,

Press and hold the center button and plug it into the PC, keep holding the center button until the iTunes logo appear.

A message will pop up saying you must restore the iPhone. Don’t click restore immediately, you have to press and hold shift key on the keyboard to take you the computer so you can navigate the folder where you saved the ipsw file. Double click on it and leave the rest of the work to iTunes.

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