Health Challenges Gum disease; their types, causes and medication

Gum disease; their types, causes and medication


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A few years back, tooth loss has been a normal routine, especially for the old people. Older people have dentures. But because of modernization of medicine, keeping your teeth healthy is a new and proper norm, and because that, tooth loss can be easily avoided.

Gum infection is a painful thing that can happen to one’s teeth. But the good thing is that it can be treated and cured if you start treatment on time.

Gum disease is the condition where the gums will become sore, swollen or infected. And when you have a gum infection and you are brushing your mouth, your mouth will bleed, and you might have bad breath.

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We’ve several types of gum diseases. Today, I shall be taken us through the two major types, their causes, symptoms and preventions. We shall also brief on the best practiced medications you may need to apply for the fast healing of the gum infection; that’s for one who suffers from it.

You may never had a bad experience about this infection but taken time to go through this article will do you more good towards knowing how to prevent the occurrence all through your life’s span.



This is an early gum disease. The part of your gum at the base of the teeth is known Gingiva. When the gum at the base of your teeth is sore, red and swollen, it is possible you have an early gum disease.
It is important you seek medical treatment for gum disease that starts early as soon you notice any symptoms.

Symptoms of Gingivitis

• Bleeding gums
• Dark red gums
• Bad breath
• Swollen, sore gums
• Receding gums

Causes of Gingivitis include

• Poor oral health routines
• Vitamin c deficiency and poor nutrition
• Advancing age
• Some people with dry mouth
• Fungal and viral infections
• Advancing age
• Medications: calcium channel blockers, cancer treatments, epilepsy drugs
• Hormone changes due to hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or birth control pills.
• Genetics
• Poor fitting teeth.

If you discover the above symptoms and visit your dentist on time, you can avoid the problem before it becomes a source of pain or causes you teeth loss.

Periodontal disease

When early gum infections are not treated, it will result to periodontitis. The gums in the mouth pull away from from the teeth, and it forms pockets of infection around the teeth. Bacterial infections caused by periodontitis causes bad teeth and loose teeth by breaking down teeth bone and tissue in the teeth.

Symptoms of Periodontitis

• Loose teeth that cause difficulty in eating
• A bad taste in your mouth.
• Collection of pus that forms the gums or teeth.
• Bad breath (halitosis)
• Bleeding gums

Medications for periodontitis

Some of the things to do to treat periodontal disease include:

• Replacing lost bone due to infection by the bone and teeth grafts.
• Antibiotics
• Prescription mouthwash
• Place antibiotic gels in the infected area by a dentist.
• Surgery to treat inflammation of deep pockets, flap surgery.

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