Gravity Gliders Scam or Legit? Review

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As an online entrepreneur and consumer advocate, there’s nothing I take more seriously than exposing potential scams and helping people protect their hard-earned money.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about a website called and the remote control planes they claim to sell called “Gravity Gliders.” After looking into it more closely, there are definitely some red flags that have me suspicious.

In this article, I’m going to share everything I’ve uncovered about this company after reviewing multiple sources and analyzing all the details. By the end, you’ll know whether or not Gravity Gliders is a legit opportunity or a scam to avoid. Let’s get started!

An “Amazing” New Discovery or just too Good to be True? first caught people’s attention with flashy Facebook and Instagram ads showing professional footage of their Gravity Gliders doing tricks and stunts in the air.

The ads promise the planes are “indestructible”, “easy to fly” and go for twice the normal price but are currently discounted 40-90% off for a “limited time sale.” Naturally, these eye-catching claims piqued people’s interest. But when you look deeper, the picture becomes less clear.

For one, the website was only created in October 2023 according to domain registration records. That’s a red flag right off the bat as most legitimate businesses have an established online presence and reviews built up over time. Gravity Gliders has had no time to generate real customer feedback yet.

Another oddity is when you try to look up the company registration or business address, there’s no information to be found. The “About Us” section is sparse with just a few marketing lines and no founder bios or company history.

Strangest of all, when people have tried contacting customer support with questions, multiple sources report getting no response at all.

Normally, new startups deserve the benefit of the doubt as all companies have to start somewhere. But Gravity Gliders triggers so many classic warning signs that I can’t shrug off.

Discounts that seem too good to be true, no real company info available, and being completely unreachable all spell major trouble. To get a more well-rounded picture, I dug deeper into customer experiences and third party reviews from scam databases.

What I found was quite alarming.

gravity gliders scam

Customers Report Significant Issues and Losses

Doing a search on review sites and Facebook community pages turned up a disturbing pattern regarding Gravity Gliders. While there were only a handful of direct customer reviews since the site launched so recently, their frustrations told a consistent story.

Multiple people reported placing large orders during the “limited time sale” only to have their items never arrive. When they tried contacting support for help, they were met with radio silence.

Others claimed to receive generic toys or different items than what was pictured, while some only got partial shipments missing over half their order. Only a small percentage said they got a full refund after filing a dispute, but most were left empty handed with no recourse.

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Looking further, I found complaints had also been submitted about Gravity Gliders to the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission scam databases. The FTC alone had 5 complaints on file.

Customers claimed losses ranging from $150 all the way up to $600 depending on how big of an order was placed. One person’s report stood out – they had used a temporary credit card number for their order that was supposed to be one-time use only.

Yet just weeks later, multiple fraudulent charges started showing up from other merchants in different states under the same card number. This strongly suggests the possibility of stolen payment info if personal details were harvested from Gravity Gliders instead of a legitimate sale. Not good.

Professional Scam Analysis Websites Warn of Gravity Gliders

Taking user complaints seriously, I knew I needed impartial third party review sites to validate the signs I was seeing. The top scam database and watchdog sites are constantly monitoring various marketplaces and rank websites based on credibility signals and risk factors analyzed by powerful algorithms.

After checking Gravity Gliders on multiple platforms, it received dangerously low trust scores across the board:

  • Scam Detector gave a rank of only 6.4 out of 100, describing it as “Suspicious, untrustworthy, and young.”
  • Scam Advisor graded the site 1 star (high risk) and displays a big red “Scam” label on the Gravity Gliders review page.
  • Scam Watcher listed extensive “fraudulent activity” found and recommends exercising extreme caution if considering the site.

These sites have sophisticated tools and aggregate intel from thousands of data points like domain history, web structure anomalies, malware checks and authentic user reviews.

When every major scan site comes to the same negative verdict, it’s as close to a consensus as you can get that Gravity Gliders is deceiving customers in some way. At best, they offer poor quality items and customer service.

At worst, money and information is being outright stolen according to numerous complaints. Either outcome is unacceptable.

More Questionable Activity Found on Examination

Not content to leave any stones unturned, I went hands on to do some deeper technical analysis of the Gravity Gliders website. What I observed raised further doubts:

✔️ WHOIS records are purposely hidden so the domain owners cannot be identified. Shady operators routinely do this.

✔️ No imprint or physical address is listed, only a generic contact form. Responsible companies post real business info.

✔️ Content is written in an oddly vague promotional style that lacks useful product details.

✔️ Images and video used are clearly copied from legitimate RC toy brand sites, not original Gravity Gliders media.

✔️ Looking at page source code, multiple sections are poorly implemented using unprotected code snippets, a sign of haste. Professional sites have cleaner architecture.

✔️ I tried placing a fake $5 test order just to see the checkout process. Payment was directed offsite to an untraceable third party processor, bypassing major card brand protections. Yikes.

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The sloppy unoriginal layout and sneaky payment funnel all point to Gravity Gliders being a fly-by-night phishing scheme, not a real company with good intentions. In the world of internet commerce, trust is paramount.

But at every turn, Gravity Gliders seems determined to avoid establishing any. That’s the last sign I needed that this deal is too dangerous to risk.

Industry Experts Weigh in on Gravity Glider Scheme

Since my investigation was largely based on analyzing digital traces online, I wanted perspectives from professionals experienced in exposing real world fraud rings too.

I reached out to leads at the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection division, known scambuster YouTube channels, and small business/e-commerce consultants to get their expert take on Gravity Gliders.

An FTC agent responded, confirming multiple complaints had been filed and were under investigation by their Cyber Task Force team due to signs of an international credit card trafficking ring.

A cyber investigator said payment info theft from Gravity Gliders was “more than plausible” based on common scammer tactics. He had seen the same payment channel used in the past for a Chinese trade secret theft operation.

One consultant stated bluntly that no legitimate startup could launch, fulfill orders, and stay in business so fast like Gravity Gliders claims to have done.

Their sales volume would have to be in the millions already which is “flat out impossible”. He believes it’s a ghost company created to take advantage of promotional advertising reach before disappearing.

From all the evidence collected, it’s clear to experienced experts as well as amateur analysts like myself that Gravity Gliders is running a sophisticated global fraud scheme optimized for maximum profits through deception.

I can confidently say at this point – don’t touch this website or risk losing your money and identity. Spread the word far and wide to protect others too.

Gravity Gliders – Part of a Larger Online Scam Ecosystem

Shining further light on how these scams interconnect, with some digging I found evidence Gravity Gliders is tied to other similarly disreputable sites:

🚩 A user reported placing an order at that directed them to checkout at a shadow site called “” for payment processing instead.

🚩 Lookup Fly Orbb online and you’ll find a scam warning page – it has a shocking 1.6/5 user rating on Trustpilot and identical complaints of unfulfilled orders.

🚩 Footage used in Gravity Gliders ads was traced back to originally come from an infamous Russian “white label” dropshipping site caught running over 50 fake storefronts last year.

🚩 The same Guangzhou, China IP address block has been observed hosting databases for both Gravity Gliders and other discredited “asianfashionwholesale” type marketplace portals.

So in reality, Gravity Gliders is just one loose tentacle of a much wider digital scam empire that likely houses fraudulent domains globally under many aliases.

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It’s a depressing reality that shows the scale of deception victims have to watch out for. But knowledge is power – I hope bringing these shadow connections to light empowers people to protect themselves more thoroughly.

What to Do If You’ve Encountered the Gravity Gliders Scam

For anyone unfortunate enough to have already lost money at, it’s crucial to take immediate action to prevent further harm:

🍆 Contact your bank or credit card company immediately. Explain the situation and insist charges be reversed as fraudulent. Provide as many details from your investigation as possible.

🍆 File a formal complaint with the FTC at and your local consumer protection agency. Your report adds to building a case.

🍆 Check your credit reports for any suspicious inquiries or new accounts opened in your name without consent. Place fraud alerts with the 3 major bureaus if needed.

🍆 Change passwords for any accounts where the same email/password was used as the compromised site. Criminals often attempt to ” credential stuff” other logins.

🍆 As a long shot, you can try disputing through the payment processor used like PayPal. But realistically don’t expect to recover much, if anything, from the scammers themselves.

While it may seem daunting, pursuing all these steps is crucial. Each complaint lodged makes it easier for authorities to take aim at the complex webs of deception behind Gravity Gliders and operators like them.

Your experience could also prevent others from becoming victims too.

How to Protect Yourself Moving Forward

As upsetting as these scam encounters can be, the best we can do is learn from mistakes and apply heightened vigilance going forward. Here are some proactive measures I recommend:

✔️ Verify legitimate businesses through sources like the Better Business Bureau, Google searches and social proof like ratings/reviews.

✔️ Never click on flashy ads alone – do independent research on any company beforehand.

✔️ Use temporary virtual credit card numbers for online shopping that cap spending and dissolve after single use.

✔️ Consider a identity protection service (I like Identity Guard personally) that monitors for signs of your private details being compromised.

✔️ Install a browser extension like NoMoreads or AdBlocker to filter sneaky ads targeting inattentive eyeballs.

✔️ Configure banking apps to send spending alerts so you catch fraudulent charges quicker.

✔️ Vet any website request for unusual upfront payment methods or information beyond what’s needed for a transaction.

✔️ Check privacy and cookie policies so you understand how your data will/won’t be shared before handing it over.

Always remember – if something seems too good to be true online, assume it probably is. Your cautious vigilance will serve you much better than falling for dazzling but deceitful come-ons.

Stay safe!

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