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The increasing need for Quality but affordable smartphone is no doubt on the rise in the world today, and a country like Nigeria which its population is on the increase is not left out. Individuals seeking to buy a smartphone does so for different reasons ranging from access to the internet, quality cameras, sound, battery, memory capacity and pocket-friendly smartphones which do not include calls or text messages.
However, Laptops or computers are quite expensive for Nigerians to afford, so Nigerian’s tend to go for mobile smart phones which serve more than one purpose. Hence, Google is set to launch an affordable and mobile friendly smartphone device known as ICE 2 into the Nigerian market in September 2017; this was made known to the public during the Google for Nigeria event by the C.E.O Google, Sundar pitchai.


The smart phone is being manufactured by a company known as Freetel which is a Japanese smart phone brand. It would be sold at a cheap and affordable price at $40 or N13, 000 naira equivalent. This smart phone would come with its unique features such as;

1. It has an Android 7.0 OS which is one of the googles latest Android OS. It also comes with pre-loaded latest google apps. According to vice president of product management at Google, Cesar Segunutpane says the ICE 2 device comes with all googles apps and would start shipping by September.

2. The affordable smart phone will be the first gadget to go with a google play protect which is a new security software that keeps your device data and apps safer.

3. It comes with enabled mtn apps.

4. The smartphone is Google GMS certified which means it meets up with the performance requirement and correctly runs apps of google.
Once the ICE 2 smartphone emerges, it would lead to a significant competition which may drive down prices of smartphones in the market. Hence, it will also increase the influx of quality and price sensitive smartphones into the Nigerian market.

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