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As wireless earphone phone continues to pull the trend day after day among Consumer electronics manufacturers, the search giant has also decided to pull the plug by launching its version of what Apple called earbud.

Google has named the contender pixel bud. The pixel bud is a pair of earphone that is connected by fabric loops

pixel bud
Whats more, the pixel bud comes with a touch sensitivity body used to next, prev songs and also to control the volume interface. Users can also launch Google assistance using the pixel bud.
And that’s not all. With the pixel bud, you will be able to get direction, start a call and start music play as well.

pixel bud

The pixel bud can also translate languages in real time with the help of the Google pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL.
The pixel bud charges wirelessly via its case, so you don’t need to worry about how to get it charged. Once it is inserted into its case, it starts charging. This ensures that you get up to 24 hours battery life into them.

That is not all that Google is launching with the pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL.
Coming along with the pixel bud is what Google calls Google clips. Clips is a smart camera designed to capture precious moments all on its own.


So what are we saying here? It means that the clips can take photos on its own. It decides when to take photos. Images taken with the clips can be viewed on your phone through google clips app which is available on Android and iOS.


Google Clips is still in the Coming soon stage though sale will start from the United States. It will be compatible with Google pixel, Samsung galaxy S7 and S8 and iPhone 6 and up. When available, it will retail for $249 app. (NGN 92,000).

The Pixel Buds are available for pre-order and will start selling in November beginning in the US for $159 app. (NGN60,000).

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