Gary Lyons Scam: BEWARE !!! Don’t Fall Victim

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Gary Lyons scam is a controversial direct marketing expert and coach who promotes affiliate marketing and “paying it forward” programs to his followers. However, there are also many complaints that some of Gary Lyons’ promotions and advice have enabled scams or misled followers.

This comprehensive review analyzes the controversy around Gary Lyons and evaluates whether his programs are legitimate ways to earn income or constitute a scam.

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Who is Gary Lyons?

Gary Lyons is an Australian internet marketer who rose to prominence in the late 2000s promoting affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing opportunities on YouTube and his website He presents himself as a self-made multi-millionaire who generated his wealth through affiliate marketing and paying it forward programs.

Some key facts about Gary Lyons:

  • Began his online career in 2006 promoting affiliate offers and became well-known for promoting programs likeClickBank and JVZoo offers
  • Claims to have made over $50 million through affiliate marketing and “paying it forward” programs
  • Runs a coaching program called Lyons Lion where he charges up to $20,000 for mentoring on how to replicate his success
  • Has over 400,000 YouTube subscribers and runs a large Facebook group and forum
  • Promotes the philosophy that “helping others helps yourself” through connecting followers to revenue sharing opportunities

So in summary, Gary Lyons presents himself as a highly successful internet marketer who generously shares his knowledge and connects others to lucrative programs through affiliate marketing. However, his promotions and advice have also attracted significant criticism and allegations of enabling scams.

Allegations of Gary Lyons Scam

One of the Gary Lyons Scam is that he has promoted questionable programs and “opportunities” that turned out to be scams. Some specific examples include:

  • Traffic Monsoon: Lyons heavily promoted this Ponzi-style investment scheme in 2014-15 before it collapsed. Over $225M was lost by investors.
  • Legendary Marketer: An MLM program that was shut down by the FTC in 2018 for deceptive earnings claims. Lyons heavily promoted it.
  • Bitcoinera: A crypto MLM that failed and left many investors in the lurch in 2018 after being promoted by Lyons.
  • Other failed programs like AdHitProfit, NetTalk, and Xoomer that promised huge returns but ultimately collapsed.

Critics argue that Lyons either failed to properly vet these programs before heavily promoting them or turned a blind eye to obvious red flags to profit from affiliate commissions in the short-term. This has significantly damaged his credibility with some.

Summary of Programs Allegedly Promoted by Gary Lyons Scams

Program Type of Program Year Promoted Year Collapsed/Shutdown Estimated Losses
Traffic Monsoon Ponzi-style investment scheme 2014-2015 2015 $225 million
Legendary Marketer MLM/ pyramid scheme 2015-2018 2018 N/A (shut down by FTC)
Bitcoinera Crypto MLM 2018 2018 Millions
AdHitProfit MLM advertising program 2014 2014 $5 million
NetTalk VoIP MLM/Ponzi scheme 2011 2011 $20 million
Xoomer Advertising MLM 2012 2012 $10 million

So in summary, while Gary Lyons generates income from affiliate marketing, some argue he has also enabled scams that harmed many followers by aggressively promoting questionable programs without proper due diligence. However, Lyons defends himself by saying he was not responsible for how others ran their businesses.

Legitimacy of Paying It Forward Programs

In addition to affiliate marketing, another hallmark of Gary Lyons’ philosophy is the concept of “paying it forward” programs. These involve recruiting affiliates into revenue sharing matrix/pyramid style programs with the promise that participants can earn money simply by recruiting others underneath them in the matrix.

However, most experts argue that revenue sharing matrix programs are inherently unstable and will collapse over time as new participants become harder to find:

  • The compensation is inevitably top-heavy, with early recruits making most of the money before the recruiting pool dries up
  • They are not a sustainable business model and will eventually run out of new money coming in from new recruits
  • Most pay little attention to the actual products or services being marketed and instead focus on recruitment
  • Participants are essentially gambling that they are high enough in the matrix structure before it collapses
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So while promoters promise ongoing residual income, the business model means these types of programs regularly fail within 1-3 years on average as new recruit growth grinds to halt. Lyons has promoted numerous paying it forward/revenue sharing programs over the years like Empowernetwork and AdHitProfit, all of which ultimately collapsed.

The consensus view of most authorities and regulators is that these types of programs are effectively pyramid or Ponzi schemes dressed up with affiliate marketing components. While participants can earn money initially by recruiting others below them, the business model means the vast majority will lose their investment when growth stops and revenues dry up.

Quality of Gary Lyons Affiliate Products and Coaching

#Gary Lyons scam – While Lyons primarily generates income through affiliate marketing commissions, the quality and legitimacy of some of the products and programs he has promoted is questionable:

Many of the affiliate offers linked to on his websites like ebooks, online courses and software generate very little actual value for customers aside from being a means to feed the affiliate model.

Customers regularly complain of low quality or even non-existent products when purchasing recommended offers through Lyons affiliate links.

His high-priced Lyons Lion coaching program of $10k-$20k charges enormous fees but delivers very little unique actionable advice beyond common affiliate marketing basics according to reviews.

Little proof or evidence is provided that his coaching students have replicated his supposed $50 million success through following his advice.

So there is significant doubt about the actual value provided relative to the costs of many Gary Lyons scam promoted products and coaching programs. Additionally, the focus appears more on driving affiliate sales rather than necessarily helping followers achieve real success or delivering good value. This further damages his credibility.

Actionable Tips to Avoid Scams

If considering following Gary Lyons’ teachings or any other internet marketer’s advice, there are some key steps one should take to protect themselves:

  • Thoroughly research and vet any opportunity or program before investing significant time or money. Check reviews from independent sources.
  • Be wary of programs primarily focused on recruitment rather than an actual product or service people need. Avoid MLM and matrix style programs.
  • Never invest more money than you can afford to lose or treat internet marketing like gambling on get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Fact check all claims of success and purported income examples. Demand real proof like tax returns or commission statements.
  • Skeptical of anyone promising ongoing passive income through PAY IT FORWARD programs which are essentially pyramid schemes.
  • Proceed carefully with any marketer selling extremely expensive coaching programs with little proof of ROI for students.

Taking due diligence and independently verifying any opportunity is crucial to avoid becoming a victim of an internet marketing scam – no matter how popular or trusting the source may seem. Trust but verify is wise advice.

Gary Lyons Scam: Verdict

After extensively reviewing Gary Lyons scam, his teachings, and the associated controversy, there are reasonable arguments on both sides of this debate:

Potentially Legitimate Aspects

Lyons generates much of his own income through affiliate marketing commissions which can be a legitimate business model if done ethically.

He provides some free basic training videos on YouTube and his website introducing affiliate marketing concepts.

Not directly responsible for how others ultimately ran their own businesses that he promoted.

Potential Issues

Has promoted numerous programs that turned out to be obvious scams, Ponzi schemes, or collapsed matrix programs that left many out of pocket.

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Focuses more on aggressive promotion and recruitment into matrix/pyramid style programs vs sustainable retail businesses.

Products promoted and coaching programs charge very high prices but deliver questionable value or results for customers/students.

Oversells unrealistic income potential without necessary disclaimer of risks involved.

Has damaged his credibility by associations with so many failed or questionable opportunities.

Overall, while Lyons himself uses affiliate marketing which can be legitimate, he seems to have turned a blind eye to obvious issues or lack of due diligence in many promoted programs. Additionally, focus appears more on short-term recruitment profits rather than sustainable, helpful businesses.

The onus is on any marketer to thoroughly vet what they recommend and not mislead followers about risks to avoid enabling harm. In Lyons’ case, this responsibility seems to have been neglected at times based on the evidence. Therefore, one could reasonably view parts of his brand and advice as untrustworthy, potentially misleading or even constituting a form of scam.

Continued Criticisms of Gary Lyons’ Promotions and Advice

While Gary Lyons scam presents himself as generously helping others through sharing the secrets of his success, several other notable criticisms have been levied against his promotions and advice:

Focus on Recruitment Over Products: As mentioned, thematrix and MLM style programs heavily emphasized recruitment over actual product sales. This is indicative of pyramid schemes posing as businesses.

Unrealistic Earnings Claims: Lyons notoriously claimed anyone could make millions through affiliate marketing with little effort. However, the affiliate industry know less than 1% of marketers actually achieve six figure incomes.

Lack of Transparency: There is little proof provided of Lyons’ actual affiliate earnings beyond his assertions. Financial reports, tax documents, or commission statements have never been made publicly available for verification.

Overreliance on One Business Model: Promoting mostly matrix, MLM and HYIP schemes has been Lyons’ near sole focus for over a decade rather than diversifying into multiple legitimate business models.

Affiliate Warnings Ignored: Mainstream affiliate networks have issued warnings about Lyons promoting “underhanded, unethical, or illegal” affiliate offers, yet he continued pushing similar opportunities.

Repackaged Scams Re-Emerge: When one program failed, Lyons would often rebrand and revive collapsed matrix programs through new fronts like Bitcoinera after Traffic Monsoon’s demise.

Lack of Accountability: After promoting opportunities later deemed scams by authorities and the FTC, Lyons did not acknowledge or warn his followers of the significant losses they sustained through following his advice.

So in summary, Lyons appears to care more about his own brand and recruitment income than the welfare of followers who suffer when inevitably promoted schemes collapse as their business model demands. This reinforces the perspective held by many that core aspects of what Gary Lyons scam promotes crosses ethical lines into scams.

Continuing Risks In Following Gary Lyons’ Advice Today

Even for those still considering attempting affiliate marketing under Lyons’ guidance despite notable criticisms, there remain ongoing risks to be aware of:

Past failures have still not deterred promotion of new matrix styled programs like Oxygenbuilder with similar structures to past collapse programs.

Coaching costs remain exorbitantly high while providing little unique value beyond basic affiliate marketing education available elsewhere for free.

Continued emphasis on HYIP, MLM and matrix offers that dominate the industry means exposure to future failures outside one’s control is highly probable if following recommendations.

No due diligence or warnings are now given by Lyons on opportunities he promotes after so much history, indicating past mistakes have not been learned from.

So in summary, despite having learned opportunity after his past advice resulted in harm, the strategies and programs Lyons continues to enthusiastically endorse suggest the potential for future victimization remains if one follows without independent research and skepticism. His brand remains seriously damaged by extensive historical track record.

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In Summary

This comprehensive review has analyzed both sides of the controversy surrounding Gary Lyons and hope to serve as a cautionary guide for anyone considering his teachings and opportunity recommendations.

WhileLyons produces new content and some free basic training, core issues including a concerning lack of accountability, validating implausible income claims, promoting collapsible MLM programs, targeting recruits over sustainable retail, and failing to properly vet or warn followers of risks inherent to promoted opportunities over more than a decade raises serious ongoing ethical concerns.

Overall, a reasonable conclusion is that core aspects of Gary Lyons’ brand and much of what he promotes crosses lines from legitimate marketing into misrepresentation and effectively enabling scams that have caused real financial harm. Independent research and extreme due diligence is strongly advised before pursuing any opportunity through his guidance and circles of influence.

In internet marketing, caveat emptor or “buyer beware” remains the best policy regardless of a guru’s reputation – doubly so when their track record includes associations now acknowledged as scams by authorities and objective sources. One’s interests are best served through diversifying education from transparent sources with a consistent history of integrity and student success accounts.


To conclude, while Gary Lyons scam does generate personal income through affiliate marketing commissions, aspects of some programs he has aggressively promoted have demonstrably crossed the line into scams.

While it’s undeniable that Lyons derives an income from affiliate marketing, which can be a legitimate business model, the evidence shows he has failed to conduct proper due diligence on numerous campaigns he strongly promoted to his large audience. Time and again, these have turned out to be shady MLM, matrix, or HYIP schemes that ultimately collapsed, in some cases resulting in millions lost by unwitting participants.

By not warning his followers about the extensive documentation of fraud associated with programs like Traffic Monsoon and Legendary Marketer, and then continuing to endorse similar opaque “opportunities”, Lyons appears more focused on self-promotion and short-term commissions than the welfare of those relying on his recommendations. This behavior indicates at best an astonishing lack of responsibility, and at worst, complicity in the actions of scammers.

Given his habitual downplaying of risks while making sensational claims of passive wealth, apparent lack of transparency around his own earnings declarations, and propensity to rebrand and revive failed schemes, it’s difficult to argue Lyons isn’t at least partially culpable for shepherding many followers into the clutches of bad actors over the years.

While internet marketing remains a legitimate industry for some, no one can realistically replicate the type of stratospheric success Lyons advertises through the veryIs $6400 Subsidy Real or Fake? BEWARE of Fake Rumor programs repeatedly exposed as fraudulent. Novices would do well to be skeptical of unfounded claims and instead seek education from transparent sources with a consistent track record of ethical, legal businesses that don’t collapse and harm participants.

In the absence of accountability or any willingness to acknowledge or learn from extensive historical issues, continued association with Gary Lyons and endorsement of his unproven opportunities carries unacceptable risk of financial harm. Independent research, moderate expectations, and extreme caution are strongly advised for anyone exposed to his increasingly damaged reputation and questionable influence.

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