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Yari Inusa, the prospective suitor, met his death after he was flogged to death by his competitor as they were competing for the hand of the lady they want to marry in question.

This took place in a village called Biri in Kafur Local Government Area in Katsina state.

Inusa died of injuries he got on the head when he played a traditional game of Sharo in Fulani land with his competitor, Ahmed Saidu to determine who would marry the lady.

This traditional game is a game which involves two male suitors to flog themselves bitterly to decide who will marry the woman. Whoever emerges as the winner will marry the lady.

It was reported that Inusa flogged Saidu without any problem, but when it was Saidu turn to flog Inusa, instead of flogging Inusa at his back, he allegedly hit him on the head.

Inusa collapsed after he was hit on the head and he died later.

Speaking on the incident, the Kastina state police command spokesman confirmed the incident; he said that the father of the deceased reported the incident which led to the arrest of Saidu.

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